Wondering about pendant lights/soffit

justretiredApril 27, 2013

Hi. I am new to kitchens and hope you can give me some good advice.

We are about to remove the cabinets over our kitchen peninsula but will be leaving the soffit (don't ask:). It has been my dream to have pendant lights. However, it has been suggested to me that they will not look good because the rod or the hangy part (can't think of the name) will be too short. So now i am rethinking. Would recessed be better? I was really hoping for cool pendants but not if they look inappropriate.

Any suggestions? Pictures?
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Please help.

Thank you.

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Just as a head's up---we removed the cabinets above our peninsula over a year ago. After looking at the soffit sticking out with no cabinets under it, we bumped up the date of our kitchen Reno. Almost done now.

I could never figure out what to do with the soffits and lights either......

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Hello Heidi

I do wish we could take the soffit down. Our concern (and that of our carpenter) is that we will not be able to match the texture in the ceiling and will have this odd stripe running across the kitchen.

Honestly, there are so many issues here and we are just not able to fix everything. yes we have popcorn ceilings (tho a lighter popcorn than some I have seen) and the same ceiling would have to be redone down a hallway and into a family room as they run together.

Anyway, the popcorn is a small part of what needs updating. We are just trying to do some small things that will improve the overall look. The cabinet over the peninsula will HAVE to make things look better, right?

Sorry to rant, you are fortunate to be able to redo your space. I hope it turns out to be everything you want and that you enjoy it for many years to come.


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justretired...I posted pics of our soffit lighting over in the Home Decorating forum on your post there.


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Justretired - Our GC took out our soffits and the ceiling - it was pretty reasonable on the grand scale of things - It was not over the island but around the perimiter. We did have to re-route some plumbing, electrical, and HVAC but it is much better now!

Also just retired but have been doing some consulting.

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We have been worried about our ceiling too---while we don't have popcorn, we do have 50year old plaster that they are trying to match with brand new drywall. We don't have an unlimited budget,so we didn't opt to remove the whole ceiling in kitchen/family room and start over with drywall. They have been back twice to touch up. Hope it turns out ok.

You will love the lookofno cabinets over your peninsula. This is what mine looked like:

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Thanks everyone, the pictures are so helpful (saw your photo over on Home Dec, Maddielee, thank you).

Heidi.....Reminds me of home! It is good to see what the soffit looks like up there. A visual is always best. And it reminds me to take pictures today!

A2: Bet you are loving the change. Congrats on your retirement. Sounds like you are keeping your baby toe in the water with consulting. I do that too. I really loved my job and missed it and the people so just a little part time is feeding me.

Tomorrow is the big day, I cannot wait. Not sure if removing this soffit creates a problem with the soffit that abuts.....It would probably cause more problems.


P.S. I re-read my second post from yesterday and it sounded a bit whiny. I'm in a better place today:)

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Tic, tic, tic - good luck tomorrow!
Were you in health care?

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No, I was a speech pathologist in the pubic schools. Loved it and miss it.

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