How is bus travel these days?

ryseryse_2004February 28, 2014

Since we are considering a move several states away from our kids/gkids, I am wondering about getting back and forth. One of us always has to stay home with the dogs and I don't drive.

Is traveling by Greyhound still an option? I don't think Amtrak goes where we would need to go and I really don't want to fly alone.

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It would be my last choice for travel. I don't like buses or bus stations and a lot of the people on the bus. A short trip would be okay, but not a long one. I would check into Amtrak. I have traveled on one and it is very nice. Personally I would fly. A few years back I would not have flown without a tour group because of the big airports. I found out you can request a wheel chair and you will have an escort through the airports like Dallas. I talked to several people who do that all the time.

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You use a wheelchair when you don't need it? They are to be used for people that really need one (I've learned that when we haven't been able to find one for my dad and he needed one). If you ask someone working at the airport they will be happy to have someone take you where you need to be.

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Some airports want you to use a wheelchair rather than take you on a cart. It is up to the individual if they feel on any day that they can not walk well enough.

Sorry your father could not find a chair but others also need chairs.

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Last place I worked one of the other drivers had been a Greyhound driver for about 20 years and had quit in complete disgust. It must have been bad. He said to me, "When you drive a Greyhound bus you're hauling the scum of the earth,"

That was 22 years ago,

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I'll bet Bus travel would really be an adventure lol Last bus I took was over 30 years ago and took almost 14 hours to get 500 miles lol
If you are traveling alone ,handicapped want to get to your destinatioin before kids graduate go by air lol
Even with all the crap since 9/11 it's still faster cheaper more comfortable and far easier unless going under 200
miles .but since you don't drive?? gary

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