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localeaterJanuary 14, 2013

So the garage door opener stopped working. I took it apart, cleaned the chain, did maintenance, put it back together. Now it works but I must have done something wrong because it doesn't stop when it get to the bottom it just goes back up. It will stop if it hits an obstacle so it is not a safety hazard, it is just annoying because I have to wait and watch and quickly press the button again to stop in order for the door to be shut.
Any ideas?

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I doubt that I will be able to diagnose the problem. Have you recognized that you did not mention the brand nor the model of the opener? Any model numbers on it? Those who might know the answers will be in a better position to do so with more information.

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Sorry bus_driver, you are right, and egregious omission on my part. I am at work now so can't get the model number but it is an older Wayne Dalton.

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Our garage door has done that when the sensor lights get misaligned or a wire on them comes loose. Our sensors are on each side near the floor of the garage. I assume that's were yours would be to. Try adjusting those.

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The current issue of the family handyman has an article on common garage door openers repairs and maintenance.

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