Pro's: What smartphone (if any) do you use?

homeboundSeptember 21, 2012

Pro advice wanted (esp. those who are rough on their phones during the course of the day).

For those who use 'em, what smartphone do you use? Like it? Wish you had something else? Thanks much. I'm trying to decide whether go Droid or take the iPhone plunge. (I'm finally ditching the basic old LG.)

BTW, I'm on Verizon and have a Costco membership, for what it's worth....and I'm rough on them so I'm now aiming for something that meets military spec's (I think there's a samsung from Costco that meets that criteria.)

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I don't think you're going to find too many Mil Spec smart phones. Sonim makes some rugged phones but they're are hardly "smart" phones.

If you're going to buy an expensive phone, invest in a good case that will protect it.

There's been plenty written on the relative merits of Android vs iOS (Apple). The one advantage to an Android phones is that you can buy a phone with a larger screen than an iPhone. Which might be convenient if you find yourself needing to surf the web in the field.

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I just got a Motorola Defy and like it a lot. It is Android.
Has Gorilla glass and is "rugged". Is water resistant and can be submerged (briefly).

Don't know about a Military Spec Smartphone either. Gave our son a Mil Spec flip phone (when he was a Marine) and he really liked the ruggedness of it.

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samsung has rugby a really tough little flip phone.
that is the one I'd like as I am rough on
my phones.
not an Iphone or smart phone though.

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We used to have both in our house. Droid Razr Maxx and the iphone 4. Both on Verizon.

There are things I like about both phones. But personally I went with the Droid. Much much much much better battery life. Screen was larger and easier to read outdoors. Droid still uses google maps, apple is transitioning to apple-based maps. Google maps is far superior, though apple's version will improve over time.

The Droid Razr Maxx is pretty tough I have to say. In my hands it felt sturdier than the apple. I haven't used an iphone in a daily basis so I can't comment on it's durability.

We've had both in our house and the Droid does seem to get better reception than the iphone.

My daughter is the one that used to have the iphone. About 4 months ago she traded it in for a Droid. While she liked the iphone, she does prefer the Droid, especially the longer battery life.

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The first consideration for a professional is the kind of computer/tablet you use.

Any device with an all glass display will be easily broken so you should find the best phone for your needs and buy a good case and insure the phone.

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Sophie Wheeler

If you're rough on phones, take a look at this test. It's amazing!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sonim Armorphone

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My husband's an electrician and he has the Casio G'zone Brigade. He's pretty hard on his phones, but this has held up for over a year now. Last week, he left it outside over night. In the rain. It still works perfectly. I'm pretty sure they make an Android handset as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Underwater Calling

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