Soap Dispenser Cover

woodchuck.moJune 9, 2012

I have searched on Amazon and Googled and cannot find this - it is a stainless metal cover for liquid soap dispensers. It fits right over the liquid soap bottle. Does anyone know where I can find this? Thanks for any help!

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I saw them last week on Bath and Body Works website. Some of them were on sale, very reasonably priced. Is this the kind you're talking about?

Here is a link that might be useful: Bath and Body Works Soap Sleeve

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I just got the Bath and Body works one it was inexpensive and is cute. You could probably spray it ORB or Satin Nickle.

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I just KNEW someone on here would know! Thank you so much!

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Will these work with any other soap dispenser or just Bath and Body Works?

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My pleasure, woodchuck. I don't know if they'll work with any other brands. I think they'd have to have the same shaped bottle. Since BBW is the only kind I buy, I don't know if any other brands use that same bottle.

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They only work w/ BBB and only the current bottles. There are two styles - one for the regular soap and one for the foaming soap (the bottles are different). I just bought one for the regular and tried yesterday to fit it on my old BBB bottle, and it doesn't fit.

A compromise if you have older bottles or use another brand is to buy one of the new bottles and then just refill it with whatever else you want. The covers are really nice. Thy have several different styles.

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Straitlover - thank you - one of those obvious things that I did not think of :)

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