any full time RV's out there?

bodiCAFebruary 15, 2002

Have any of you moved into an RV full time?

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Yes bodi, we have. Of course this is not the first time we have full-timed it. This time we have been in the rv since June 01. Are you considering it?

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No full time for us due to the fact we choose to own a house. But do travel a lot. The biggest problem I see, is some full timers seem to be bored, because they have NO hobbies or special interest. Or they play cards with their friends and exclude people coming into the the centers. Do you belong to anything like Coast to Coast or Thousand Trails? They have along with Good Sam have seminars to help full timers out. Even their magazines have a lot of information, which you can get at any RV park or some libraries. There is a lot to look at going full time, banking, medical, etc. If you have never full timed, I would suggest attending some seminars first. That was just never our thing.

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I am a fulltimer wanabe! I have dreamed of going fulltime for a number of years now and when I started dating my wife a good deal of our converstaions was on fulltime rv living. My wife is from New Zealand an has not seen much of this great country yet, so when the time comes we are going to travel until we see everything we want to see. I have been reading several fulltime forums for a couple of years now, and am glad to see this forum open as well.

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I worked with a couple that were young enough to enjoy retirement before they got old. For two years they crunched toilet paper and paper towels and whatever else would fit into the RV. Six months later, they were divorcing, she was looking for her old job back, and they had already sold house and all furnishings.

Recommendation: Scrunch yourselves into two smallest rooms in your house before you decide to "Go RVing" You might like each other, you might not!!

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Here's a forum you may find interesting, and perhaps post your message for additional feedback.

Here is a link that might be useful: Open Roads Forum

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there used to be a whole section on camping and RVs in here somepalce

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My ex-, an Iowa girl who'd spent her career in Korea and as near-head and head of food service in a major hosp. in southern Ont., retired early and used to enjoy spending about 3 mos. of the year travelling from FL to TX.

But she had a home in London that, though it didn't look big from the street, had about four levels, some of it underground ... that was pretty will filled with stuff, hers and quite a bit that belonged to our son and daughter.

They had quite a job sorting it all out subsequent to her death, three years ago this month, selling the car, the RV (which she'd traded down from a larger one shortly before her illness) and the home.

Good wishes as you make your plans ... I think that I like the idea of confining ourselves to a room or so in your home for a while prior to trying it.

Or renting one for a while ... or finding one that friends own who use it for a short time each year, who'd be willing to rent it long-term at lower than commercial rate.

If you've followed my Christmas gift on these fora for a few years and implemented it ... if you send out a message over that network, you might find someone that you know (or knew in earlier years) who'd be interested in such a proposal.

Good wishes as you make your plans.

ole joyful

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We are not full timers, but are Winter Texans. We leave Ontario each year and head to the Rio Grand Valley for 3 to 4 months. Yes, if the weather is not good, it is a small space. But you will never be without something to do. These RV parks are set up that there is activities no matter what the weather. We too retired early and have been doing this for 7 years and it is wonderful....I certainly don't miss the snow. But, you should be trying this before you sell your house, just in case, it is not for everyone. We wish you a happy retirement with whatever route you take.

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My husband is interested in full time RVing.

However, he is somewhat confused. If you go into full time RVing, you don't have a permanent/mailing address. How do you register your RV? What about receiving mail, etc? You don't pay state tax?

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Not full-timing but have thot of it. I'm pretty attached to my home tho so probably couldn't sell out.

I'm posting a link which might have some pertinent info for you. It's an online magazine which is also in print form in Western Canada. We never miss an issue and are learning a lot about retirement travel from it.

Re: the permanent mailing address if full-timing - it's sometimes recommended that one "rent" a room from a relative for that essential mailing address.

Here is a link that might be useful: good info here

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Contact Escapes Travel Club from TX for information regarding addresses, mail insurance or go to Good Sam. There are alot of changes now and more to come for full timers.

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