Retirement Party Gifts

nita1950February 12, 2003

Recently I was invited to three retirement parties for men retiring from the military. I could not attend either event due to other appointments. I am very close to one of the families but not to the other 2. My question is...what kind of gifts would be appropriate.

All will be going back into the workforce and I see them at my church. I would like to give them something nice, yet reasonably priced, due to my negative financial situation. They are young men around 40-42 years old, married and all have children. They all retired from Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. Thanks for your suggestions.

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They may have a bit of a problem getting used to civilian life, where we must all make our own decisons.

In the military, most decisions are made for the grunts.

When the leader says, Jump!" ...
all that they can say is, "How high?".

Maybe a book dealing with managing one's life a good idea.

We have one here, mostly dealing with personal financial management, aimed largely at employed women (but useful for anyone), that's quite comprehensive but written in easily understood language.

"Balancing Act" by Joanne Thomas Yaccato.

But it's based on the Canadian system.

Sorry I don't have any better idea to offer.

joyful guy/Ed

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I have been to numerous retirment parties and never were gifts a thing to do.....however my suggestion would be something of a personal nature if you feel inclined to give a gift.....

My first thought goes to a nice bottle of wine if they are drinkers...You can never go wrong with a great brandy or liquer...

Or just a funny T shirt marking the occasion...a pen and pencil set to use in their new career....

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My dh had 2 retirement parties and a couple of his gifts were his all time favorites.. A Gift Card to Mans all time favorite store: "The Home Depot" most men can spend a whole day in that store. LOL

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When I retired I received a few gift cards to book stores. Very useful-everyone reads! The gang in my office (about 40 females) chipped in and gave me a Tiffany necklace. No diamonds, darn!

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I know when my time comes, I'd like gift cards to Amazon, my favorite place to shop!

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I also got Home Depot gift cards. Amazing what you see that needs to be done when you retire!

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bonelady - I've been retired for two weeks now, and see a whole load of projects between our 2 houses. Wish I had gotten a Home Depot or Amazon gift card. I received an expensive watch.

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