Cutting continuous bias binding

imraineyDecember 8, 2010

Maybe this won't be new to you guys but in instructions I always see them say to measure every width and draw a cutting line before the tube is finished. I don't have the time or the patience for that.

Here's my way:

I cut the first width 5 " or 8" conventionally and line the edges up to sew my tube. I stitch it together and press the diagonal seam open Then I slip the tube over a cutting mat.

I can use my ruler and rotary cutter to cut now just as though it were yardage. I much prefer this myself -- especially on a dark fabric like this that would be a pain to mark a ton of cutting lines.

One cuts made so I flip the mat over and cut on the other side of the mat. No grid but who cares when my ruler gives me all the information I need.

I am careful to cut from one edge all the way to the other edge. The depth of the mat protects my table cloth (I would NEVER do this on a tablecloth but my family set up trains on the dining room table after T-day so what's a girl to do but be careful?!)

That leaves a tiny spot intact. Snip. So much for that!

The bias cut rolls off as I flip the mat and repeat. I roll it up every second cut to keep it off the floor. An empty packing tape core does a good job of keeping it unwrinkled. A small foamcore board would too but there's no fold on the round core.

Flip, cut, repeat. Flip, cut, repeat. Then yards and yards of continuous binding ready to go on a quilt.

Remnants can get used on small projects or sewn together for a quilt with a really scrappy look. And I always make sure I have a generous amount when I buy the yardage. Having extra cut binding on hand sure beats rushing back to the store and finding out they've sold the rest of the bolt. =o

This is the binding for a quilt that will be about 40" X 50". For a larger quilt I put the mat on my ironing board and rotate the loose fabric around it instead of flipping the mat.

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That's a great idea,never thought of doing it that way.I'll have to try it.I always make my own bias tape for everything,that way i get the colors i want/need.

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Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! I've never done a bias binding, but really need to, so this is great!!

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Well, kiddo, you'll need another tutorial on constructing the tube. That last diagonal seam is much trickier and more counter-intuitive than the cutting. Not to say it isn't more than worth doing. I just wish I'd thought of picking up the camera earlier.

But there must be a ton of tutorials or illustrations out there somewhere.

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Great tute girlfriend!! I know how to make bias binding, I think lol, but I have never made it either.

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Do folks do tutorials around here? I dunno. I just pop in and out with no particular pattern. I do remember I have seen some good ones here but I have no idea if they're gone with the posts requesting help.

Is there a place where links to good tutorials around the web are kept for easy access? I always need a good clear one for finishing the last seam on the binding when it's applied to the quilt. One day I may be able to sew my bias tube without consulting an illustration but I don't think I'll ever get that last seam that connects both ends of the binding without my YouTube tutorial. ;>

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murphy_zone7 with interest your tutorial on bias binding. Somewhere I read one on how to get 5 yds of bias binding out of one fat quarter. Will have to look it up. It involved folding, sewing, and marking the fat quarter.
Since you mentioned finding tutorials on the internet, one of the best places I find for tutorial links is
She seems to have links to any and everything imaginable.
I get her daily email and am always surprised by what I find quite by accident. I also found that going to her links, will link you to others, which link to still you can mean spend lots of valuable time "surfing the web". LOL And you find stuff about sewing, quilting, cooking, home dec, pets, kids, beauty, etc.
If you sign up for the daily email, you DO NOT get a lot of spam, other email etc. I believe she does keep your email address private. At least I didn't and really enjoy getting that email..Never know what will be listed. I even found a link on how to make roman shades out of old mini blinds! That was great!!!
Happy surfing,

Here is a link that might be useful:

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buteau3rd is another great place for tutorials.

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I enjoyed your tutorial. I think I need a refresher on the seam. I used to only do bias, but all my friends that are far better quilters than I, do not use biased binding nor do they do miter corners. So I just do the same!! I don't want to over exert myself at my age! LOL

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