Back Again

haffieFebruary 8, 2002

Oh, thanks Spike. Just finished a few minutes at KT, and so happy to see this forum back again. This time will try to post more, as I hope others will, to keep this site available to us.

Haffie - who's 'retired' from lots of things, waiting only 1 1/2 more years for DH to really retire. He won't, but the "I gott'a be there on time" urge may be lessened!

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Hi! Sounds like you retired yourself from work just as I did. I wanted to get a head start before DH starts his in another 1 1/2 yrs. Don't know if I'll be able to handle his retiring. Hoping this forum will enlighten me somewhat......Linda/NJ

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Hi, Haffie! Good to see you.

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Thanks for this Forum I needed this.Goldy

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Just noticed this forum so I thought I would jump in and say hi. I guess you could say I am retired. I have been babysitting for the last 12 years and at my age I decided I had had enough. I just watch the grandchildren now once in awhile. So I spend most of my day playing on here.

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Hi, Judy. Nice to have you.

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Hi Judy. I am retired and would like to see this part of the forum survive but I am afraid it is going to fade away if more people don't start posting on it. Let's hope we can keep it going.

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Guess we will just have to keep it busy!!! I usually hang out at the computer help forum and learn a lot over there but it is nice to chat with others from all over this big world of ours. I live in WNY.

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I live in Michigan and even though I usually hang out on the computer forum I don't post there often. I sure have learned a lot from that forum though.

All our snowbirds friends are coming back and it is still cold here. I feel sorry for them coming back to this cold weather. We have a cold rain today. Yuk.

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It was 42° here at 5:30 this morning but kind of drizzly out now. But by tomorrow it is supposed to warm up. Sure hope so. I would like to get outside and do some yard work.

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I've been planting cucumbers, beans and sunflowers this morning. Got up early so I could get it done before the heat got too intense. DH just finished planting four citrus trees in the back yard. I retired five years ago, but he didn't retire until last October. So far, we have not had any major conflicts, but we've both still adjusting to being together 24/7. Luckily, we enjoy each other's company and work well together every place except the kitchen! LOL

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I didn't realize that if people don't post enough on the various forums that they would no longer exists. I will have to spread the word. I have enjoyed it and hope that it lasts. I think that all of us retired folks have a lot in common and could share and learn many things from each other.
Lu in LA

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Here I am again, and I did promise to post more just so that Spike could save this forum. Ha! You can see how good I am at my promises. I'm just beginning to look around my office full of 'stuff' here, and plan to start cleaning/clearing out things I don't need any longer. I wonder what some of you who had offices at home did with all these papers and books you no longer want to carry around with you as baggage??? What a chore!

Maybe I'll look outside and stick one more plant in the 'garden' rather than stay in today, though. And that's how my days go lately. "later" is my new mantra. Pretty soon it will be January again!

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