Help ASAP binding using double fold bias tape!

2ajsmamaDecember 3, 2012

I made a baby quilt for my cousin 2 years ago and thought I had it figured out by the 4th corner, but now I'm trying to make 2 more quilts for Xmas presents (to be mailed!) and I can't remember how to fold the mitred corners. All the videos I found seem to either use single fold binding (that they call double but it's not) or encase the edge and then sew right through. I *know* there's a way to sew down the first fold (opened all the way up) to the top of the quilt, turn the corner, and then be able to turn it so the middle fold (of the 3 folds in a double bias) is on the edge, turn the last fold under and hand-stitch to the underside of the quilt!

Anybody have any links showing what I'm describing? THANKS!!

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Here's a link to Bonnie Hunter's blog...she has great tutorials.


Here is a link that might be useful: Quiltville binding tips

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Thanks, but I'm looking for a way to use continuous binding right out of the package (since I've already got 1 side stitched down), not cutting it and joining them in perpendicular strips.

Maybe my cousin can dig out the quilt I made 2 years ago...

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Maybe this is what you're looking for.....


Here is a link that might be useful: courtesy of Wrights Co

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Thanks, but that's not it either. You start off by stitching along the first crease, right sides and raw edges together, but I just don't remember how to fold the corner for the mitre. Do you fold the tape on the top of the quilt and do the "fold up, fold down" method to form that pinch? I tried that, and ended up with the wrong edge on the 2nd edge of the blanket. But keeping the tape unfolded on the top of the quilt while trying to fold the corner this way ends up with a big mess. I'm using 2" satin blanket binding that I ironed 2 extra creases in to form a double fold tape, for 1/2" finished binding. I didn't leave 1 edge wider than the other, just folded both raw edge in to meet in the inside crease, maybe I should have left 1 wider but I didn't.

It's driving me crazy that I've done this before and can't remember how, can't find the instructions I used then.

Not the best, but OK

handsewn on the back

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My thoughts would be that you fold the top part of the strip down and make the mither on the front and then repeat the process on the back part of the strip. I would then tack the corner of the miters.
Does any of this make sence??

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I found this on youtube. She is putting a satin binding on a baby blanket.
Linda OH

Here is a link that might be useful: Satin Binding

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I think I've got it - I hope I've got it, since I sewed down all but the tail ends. Going to join those up tomorrow and then fold the binding over to the back, I'll take pix of the process. Wish me luck!

I still haven't seen what I was looking for, but thanks for the links anyway. I've got a true double fold binding, but b/c of the way it's folded, I've only got 1 thickness of satin o the edge. May not be too durable but this way I can hide the stitching on the top by folding the tape over. I may do the next blanket (not sure if I'm quilting either of these - girl blanket for CA baby, boy for NC) just using the satin binding as it comes , raw edges to the outside, then press when I fold over so there are 2 thickness of satin there. Will be easier to mitre too.

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