Sears Garage Door Opener

rutgers68January 23, 2009

I have a Sears garage door opener model no. 41a4315-7d that suddenly will not open the door. When I released the door I saw that the rail coupling was driving in the wrong direction (with the door closed the coupling drove to close the door and stressed the rail. I tried the reset, powering off, and adjusting the up and down screws to minimal. Please help. Thanks.

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Wanted to followup - Found the the worm gears on the limit switch and main shaft would disengage leaving the limit switch in the down position. How difficult a repair is this? If I manually reset the limit switch position and temporarily put a wedge in to put lateral pressure on the limit switch gear everything works okay. Not sure if I make this permanent whether this will create other problems. Thanks in advance for any inputs.

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what changed to make them disengage? Your wedge sounds like a reasonable solution. Will it stay there with repeated use? If so, why not just leave it?

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rutgers68, I have exactly the same model. The problem I have right now is that the chain does not move when I hit buttons on the remote or the wall. But the light goes on and the motor runs since I can hear the sound like before. The previous owner did not leave any manual and I know almost nothing about a garage door opener. Any idea? Can anybody share the manual? Thank you very much.

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sdello - I think it might have been a slowly developing problem possibly caused by oversized springs that I was sold. Haven't come up with a permanent wedge configuration yet and my concern is because I am wedging it up against the drive motor.

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bosshawk - I no longer have the manual. It sounds like the main gear or worm gear is stripped. If you unplug the unit and remove the lower casing you can see all of the gears and electronics.

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rutgers it sounds to me like you have a bad bearing for the shaft the sprocket is connected to. This shaft also has the main gear and the small gear that drives the limit assembly. If this bearing is bad it will let the shaft move. If you do have incorrect springs you need to correct this also. It will cause you nothing but problems.

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Thanks don 1 2006 - I believe you are correct. I'm looking for a safe "temporary" fix since I am planning on replacing my garage doors and openers in th next six months.

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