Cleaning Houses

des_arc_ya_yaFebruary 10, 2002

Don't know if it will pan out or not, but I have several co-workers (we're all teachers) who want me to clean house during the school year for them when I retire. Think I may do it for some extra money and then would still have time off. I know that's hard work, but it's always more fun to clean someone else's house than your own!

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Sorry, meant to put this under the "Pocket Money" post. Duh!

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Think long and hard about cleaning for friends unless you have a VERY clear understanding of what you will or will not do. You could lose friends that way. Some would be critical even if you cleaned the toilets with a toothbrush and went over each inch of carpet twice with a hand vacuum.
Others would expect you to pick up after them. My DIL has a very good retired woman who does this type of easy cleaning, but she makes it plain that she does not pick up after people. If it is on the sofa or floor, it stays there. She cleans around the clutter. She doesn't pick it up. but on the other hand, things like cleaning the toilets, sink, dusting, etc. gets done and everyone is happy. She keeps her client list small and if she has to shiff days, she has enough free time that it can be done.

Set yourself up a little carry-all of basic cleaning things so that you don't have to depend on them to have what you need. Good luck, you probably will have a good time doing this. And, let's face it, picking up a little extra cash doesn't hurt a bit!

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It is all I can do to clean my own house. Des Arc you must be pretty young. I guess I could of done that when I was in my 50's, but not now. I am 78 now.
Soon I will not be able to even do my own. I will be looking for help...Do you live in Florida <:->Betty in Florida

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The best, most energetic, cleaning helper I have ever had was in her late 60's. I suppose it's something that varies. I could not do all that she does, and I am younger.
I do admit to thinking about doing another person's house, and that I would do a better job than I do with my own. But it would have to be one room at a time.

--- Marie

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Ya Ya,
It seems like that would be something that would have enough flexibility to still leave you free enough to enjoy retirement.
For myself, I really don't like house work. My house is tidy enough, but it just isn't the sort of thing I would want to do.
I think Aileen has a good point. If you clean for friends, you need to be sure before you start.

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Hi I am just checking this new part of the forum and there you are...been making postcards now for the alumni/class reunion...gonna design a nutcup today or tomorrow..I'll send pics...did you get the skit? Now...the subject of your way in he!! would I ever quit "any" kind of job to go into could take a sub/teachers job and work part time...unless, of course, you "enjoy" cleaning...I just don't happen to think it would be my cup-o-tea...

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Whoa!!! YaYa implies that she is well enough organized and has a tendency to like to clean! Who are all the rest of you to put her down for wanting to clean for other people?

I've had two people in my past that have a passion for cleaning and didn't give a darn that I didn't pick up stuff or wash the dishes.. they actually *enjoyed* the cleanup. (guess it's even more of a thrill when you can see immediate results... like me,,,, I'll dust when I try to write my name in the dust and there's still more dust down under!) (not really, but close)

YaYa, If you're in FLA, gimme a holler!!

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Hi Ya Ya,

Thinking of travelling to Ontario?

You'd have a problem in this place, though - I think there's a carpet down there, somewhere.

Actually, I can see it under my chair here at the computer.

And a path upstairs to bathroom and bedroom.

Good wishes to all.

joyful guy/Ed

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