Enjoying one of those retirement benefits, today!

hayjud_mnFebruary 8, 2002

Today (this evening) we are going to one of our grandson's school plays.

They live about 1 1/2 hour from us, and for the first time we don't have to rush rush rush after 'work' to get there on time. Infact since they live near Mpls. we will go for the whole day and do some 'funtime' shopping.

When I get home, I'll check back to see if 'you' have kept this forum busy on the first day back.

We really haven't learned how to enjoy our freedom yet, so if you have any ideas, I would enjoy some help.


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I too am recently retired. I was laid off in Nov and then took retirement with 33 years. This is soooo great and you are right about the time thing. The greatest thing is not having to watch the clock or worry about going to bed early. My freedom is being able to do all kinds of projects that I have never had the time for.

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It's neat that you happened to mention not having to watch the clock. For a retirement gift, I gave DH a Clock that says "Who Cares" across the middle, and it has all the numbers in a pile on the bottom. That is the one thing about reitrement that we are adjusting to. No alarm clock to start the day! That we really enjoy!

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benefits of retirement:

You can go to the supermarket in late morning....when the lines are short - and the better cuts of meat are in the case.

All those over 50/55/60 or 65 specials at restaurants, bus or train fares or weekday shopping specials.

You don't have to put in for vacation time 3-6 months in advance. You go if and when you want to go.

As in a post above....the ability to go to grandchildren's or other "small" relatives school events.

Anyone have any more ???

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My favorite thing about retirement is that if I feel like reading until 3AM I don't have to worry about having to get up early. Waking up without an alarm is wonderful!

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I know that my parents say that "Everyday is Saturday" for them. I've been retired now for almost a year and loving every minute of it. There's no rushing in the morning to get dressed and out the door. I am always around when DD needs me to babysit.

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Ahhhhhhh, luv those afternoon naps, and sleeping late.

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My husband has just retired after 37 years. I can see that it is going to take some adjustment. We still set the alarm clock and get up at the same time as we always have. I am looking forward to being able to go somewhere and not have to worry about getting back to work.

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Being able to lunch with friends was special. I would pick them up at their workplace, take them out, and then drop them off. They loved it and it made me feel great to be able to add that spice to their busy days. I had to cut back on that now that I am in school and working at the university, but at first the lunches were my big PLUS about not working. I am an early riser anyway, so the morning schedule did not change. Afternoon naps are another PLUS. I also love wearing comfortable clothes.

-- Marie

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Sounds great, everybody. Hope to be doing just that in a few years. Does anybody else work parttime? What are you doing about insurance, etc.?

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Oh, yeah, forgot to say -- I joined a garden club in our town that always met on first Mondays, 1 PM to 3 PM. I had always wanted to do that. But I learned quickly that that type of group is not necessarily into gardening big time, it's mainly a ladies' social club. It was kinda clickish and I didn't really fit in, but I am still a member and try to go when I can. I did a program for them last year -- a slide show on the importance of watershed issues and native trees.

Other clubs/groups in our area are: a Study Club that meets for a weekday luncheon and shares book reviews, the League of Women Voters (I love that), our local Chamber of Commerce, a ladies' charity group at my church, and a support group for parents of ADHD children (several of my kids and I have ADHD). All meet during the work week. I go sometimes, and that's enjoyable. I have been avoiding paying dues to things that are expensive, like the Chamber, but they tolerate me and still make me feel welcome. Some groups you can just tell them -- I am retired and can't afford the dues on my income, but would like to come to your programs occassionally. They'll have you as a "guest." Also, groups that need volunteers will welcome you if you put in some time on one of their projects. I did that with the Chamber, and that's why they "put up" with me!! -- Marie

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Hey, Jackie, turn off that alarm clock! LOL
We just couldn't wait to not have to hear that aweful noise in the morning. It took DH a couple weeks to 'catch up' on lost sleep, but now we usually just wake up after 8 hours.

Ya Ya, At this point was have it included in the severance package, but it sounds like that is going to be the tough part of retirement. It is going to cost us about $500 monthly, and that doesn't include meds. We don't get medicare for three more years yet, then five more yrs. for me. I think those costs are really out of hand.

BTW - Our DGs was a little doll in his play tonight. It is so much fun to see the excitement when he spotted us in the audience.

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We like retirement because we can pick up and go or even move somewhere else if we do not like where we already live. That is what we did. We moved to Florida in an active retirement community and love it.
Also, It makes you feel younger. You can do what you want and when you want; take your pick where we live...it is all right here in Florida.
God Bless!
Betty in Florida

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I got sick of paying for insurance for years with no big expenses, so I dropped it. Shortly thereafter, my 22 year old daughter needed surgery, and my symptoms from Lupus started acting up. So now I wish I had it. I went back to graduate school and started working (part time) in the department where I am a student. I still have no insurance or benefits, though. I will be looking for a better full-time job after I get this degree, you can be sure!

-- Marie

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HaHa Marie.I'm laughing cause I joined one of those clubs too..I was very excited to be accepted in the local Garden Group, (by invitation only) Turned out to be that 1/2 of the members were at least 75 and hadn't had dirt under their finger nails in 25 years, the rest were basically socialites having an afternoon tea with the girls....I went to three meetings and that was it....

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