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armoSeptember 5, 2010

I'm building a 6X10 wooden shed in a 9x11 area beside my house. There is a chain link fence on the south & west sides and my house on the east side of this area. I had sod which I have removed. I decided to make a box out of 4x4's & fill it up with 3/4 crush (gravel)& then build the shed on top of that. My main concern is with this box I'm building. The 4x4's will be running along both parts of the chainlink fence & right along the foundation of my house. My questions are:

1. should I still keep a slight grade so that water will flow away from house?

2. How much should the grade be?

3. Will it not make the frame I'm building to put the shed on look crooked and therefore my shed as well?

4. My biggest concern is that once I fill up this 4x4 box with the rock/gravel, the ground will be 4" higher in the box compared to the ground directly under the 4x4 beside the house. When it rains, will it go between the foundation & the 4x4 & cause future problems? Anybody have some good suggestions?


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A shed squished in that type of area, with the potential for run off, settling and such issues would be best placed on a deck supported by piers.

Just buy some sonotube, dig your holes and fill with cement.
Add brackets, run joists and deck it over with 2x6 lumber. Now build the shed.

No real ground disturbance, the shed can be as close or as far from the ground as you want and if it ever needs to go away, its way easier to remove than tons of gravel.

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Your municipality will have certain setback requirements as well as building code requirements. It most likely cannot be built so close to the property line or your house. You should check with your codes enforcement before being forced to tear down work you've begun. And, I agree with the need for a proper foundation. What you describe isn't a proper foundation.

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