What would Candice Olson pick for nightstands?

mellyc123June 20, 2014

I have no style..
I have no headboard either but that isn't top on my list right now.

I do have this dresser that has a lot of sentimental value and I will be picking up a matching armoire and lingerie chest later in the summer.

It is mahogony but the stain looks more like walnut to me.

Any other suggestions such as bedding, hardware for this set, etc..
The walls are BM Sea Salt ( my painter calls it nursing home blue) and it will be repainted in the next few months after I decide on the rest of the room.

Ignore those sliders please, this thing is HEAVY.

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Oh, that is a beautiful piece!! You aren't seriously thinking of changing out that hardware??? Please say you aren't.

Could you take a look at bedrooms on Houzz &/or Pinterest and maybe post a few you like in this thread so people will have some direction in order to make better suggestions?

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I really don't like the hardware color or shape, if I do replace it I promise to put it all in a ziploc and keep it with the set. I have the mirror for this dresser and it is that same odd shape.

I have 1000 pics of white shaker kitchens and it takes me half an hour to find a single pic of a bedroom I like.

I like this style and I have a table like this in my attic.

Traditional Bedroom by Mississauga Interior Designers & Decorators Jacqueline Glass and Associates

I like this room also.

Transitional Bedroom by Chicago Interior Designers & Decorators Michael Abrams Limited

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Agree...don't change the hardware. It's a beautiful piece. I'm getting a 60's Mad Men kind of vibe...don't know if that's your style but a bit of a retro look could be fun. Whatever you do, pick out your bedding first and pull colors from the bedding for wall color, accessories, and window treatments. Or, if you have artwork for the room, you can use that for wall color, etc.

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Mad Men is fine but I don't think I could go to retro because the master bath is more vintage.

I like this room and also how the nightstands are open on the bottom with room for baskets.

Traditional Bedroom by Toronto Interior Designers & Decorators Sealy Design Inc.

This is like the tub

Traditional Bathroom by Atlanta General Contractors Dresser Homes

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Candice Olsen would probably use a mirrored nightstand with it. It's a beautiful piece. I agree...pick your bedding first and maybe that will lead you in the right direction.

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OH and I have no artwork so there is really nothing to start with except this dresser.

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Since it will be very difficult to match the stain of the dresser, I would try a painted piece. Try an unfinished or furniture in the raw store. Or, try second hand furniture for inexpensive side tables for painting.

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I'd go up to your attic and get that table, then look on craigslist or in a consignment shop for an end table similar to the one in your photo (that holds basket) that is already painted or could be easily painted. Maybe not that exact style, but something painted a neutral color so your chest and round table can shine. (Or if you find an unpainted wood one that is close in color/wood to your round table). You don't have to have matching nightstands. Candice would do two different ones. :) This is the only pic I could find that actually showed both end tables in one of her rooms:

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Thanks. Now that I have some ideas I will post again after I find bedding and have time to bring that table down to tryout.

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since it has such straight lines and the other 2 pieces probably will too, i think i would be tempted to see how a round table something like pictured above would look... or maybe a drum type of table if you need storage...
i would want to change the hardware too- what's there is not my taste... i would probably be looking at lots of different glass or crystal pulls to see what looks best with it...

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I think a mirrored nightstand would look great.

(Just a sidenote: one thing I can't stand about Candice's rooms, are all the little recessed ceiling lights she loves to use. I hate that effect, and all the shadows it creates. It would make me feel like I was living inside a jewelry store. Lamps are our friends, Candice. Stop making 50 holes in the ceilings!)

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It's a beautiful dresser. I'm with you, though; I'd change the hardware (and keep the old stuff in storage).

Maybe something like this on the drawers - see link

Here is a link that might be useful: Drawer knob

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Here's one that can be painted or stained to match. Notice the metal on the bottom. (Note I'm not a decorator so don't know if this would work.) This came from Nadeau (www.furniturewithasoul.com) if there is one in your area.

Also, if you click on See All Photos and then select Side Tables or Nightstands, you will see an assortment. You didn't mention budget, but these all all very inexpensive.

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I like the idea of mirrored or cream or night stands. It will add some contrast to all the darker woods in the room and not look heavy. I can see from your pictures that you like the monochromatic look which is very serene in a bedroom. If you go with plain bedding, then you can do any color on the walls...but if you want a print for the bed, start there.

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Thank you, On my next trip I will definately plan it so that I can check out one of the Nadeau stores. I see several things that could work in other rooms.

The more I look at this pic the more I like these nightstands. It said "Studio B" but I was not able to find that online.

Traditional Bedroom by Toronto Interior Designers & Decorators Sealy Design Inc.

No worries, I will not be putting any new lights in.

My definition of budget is.. a sliding scale based on how much I like the piece, the quality of the piece and how tired I am of looking for it/
I would say right now $500 each max including any cost of having it painted.

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If you like the bottom to be open for basket storage as in your last pic...you might try looking at a small desks instead of standard night stands.

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Your dresser is gorgeous. Very classic. I like the hardware but can see why you would like to change it.

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I think a chest of drawers on one side and a small desk on the other would look fabulous.

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You could put a small desk or library table on one side and a round commode on the other side. The commode door would open to give you storage and the library table could handle a basket underneath, lamp, magazines, floral arrangement, books and/or electronics on top

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There are so many varied opinions to your request, which I think is to your benefit. Some say change the knobs, others say keep. Some say paint, others no. Some say mix up the nightstands, but even then there is a wide variety of suggestions. Maybe it is me but... that gives you the latitude to do whatever you want based upon what you NEED or WANT the room to be. Also within reason, you can mix and match pretty much anything (unless of course you are a matchy matchy person).

If you look at the mags and books and entries on this forum, there seems to be a running theme that rooms should look "evolved". You have mentioned the pieces have sentimental value so I would think this manner of design is right there with you. I personally do not have a room in my home that looks like it came out of a showroom. All the pieces just seem to "fit" but not match.

I don't think that people give themselves enough credit for their personal preferences, I can understand asking for opinions but the bottom line is they have to live with the choices they make. If you look at any of the books showing high end designers, just about every room reflects a wide mix of choices that many of us may not think to use but somehow they all look great.

After all, the word "juxtaposition" was created solely for the designer world - obviously not so but wow, what a tremendous amount of choices that creates! Now if a designer places a blinged out chandelier in a rather contemporary bathroom, it simply is explained that it is in juxtaposition to the other fixtures, tiles, cabinets etc. That opens up a wide variety of choices.

Bottom line to me is, after you have read all these wonderful suggestions, go with what sounds like what YOU would like. Nothing is etched in stone and as you mentioned sometimes it does take one decision to take you to the next. Have fun with it!

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