USA or Canada???

PeaBee4February 10, 2005

I am curious. Are most of the people asking questions here from the USA or Canada? It seems to me that a lot of the advice is useless unless the advisor states at the beginning of the post which country he/she is from. For example, unless the poster knows that Joyful Guy lives in Canada, he or she might assume that the information is true for the USA. I would hate to think that someone in Canada got the wrong infomation from me just because I posted what was true for the Southern USA.

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Hi all,

Often if a money-related issue deals with a U.S. situation, I make no comment, as I feel that I have nothing of value to add.

Usually if I do comment, I note that my viewpoint is Canadian. For example, when discussing issues relating to heating or air conditioning, if I refer to amount of insulation, fuel consumption or such, I refer to the fact that I live near the Great Lakes - where it gets cold in winter.

There are people posting here from various countries, so we need to check as to whether the information given is valid in our situation.

In many cases it is possible to contact the writer directly and many (most?) of us welcome requests for clarification.

Good wishes for effective management of your information.

Isn't it thrilling that knowledge is doubling in something less than a couple of years? When it used to take centuries.

But ... mistakes can sure catch up to us in a hurry.

We need to be vigilant and considerate of people in other places if we are to avoid destroying this world. If not by immediate catastrophe, by the erosion of the earth's systems that we need to live by environmental degradation. For example, imagine the tons of jet fuel whose residues thousands of airliners leave up in the sky daily. Think that's not having an effect upon our weather?

joyful guy, a.k.a. ole joyful

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