Silgranit sink drama...

jansin62April 4, 2013

So they were getting ready to install my Sligranit Diamond super single sink today, and there was a crack!!!

I called Blanco, and they said the integrity of the sink would be in question and not to install it.

I bought the sink at (not - over 2.5 months ago... Got online, read bad reviews. Then got on their website, and their return policy was very clear, and it was very clear I was off side, and didn't fit their rules at all.

Anyhow, I called anyhow, and they are sending out a new sink today!!! I'll update when I actually receive it, but I was so happy and surprised. Was not expecting that, and thought I would have to shell out for another sink.

Feels like something is easy at least.

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Sending positive vibes that the next sink will be perfect.

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Good luck! Luckily my granite fabricator also is a silgranit dealer. I was told the first sink for my kitchen arrived cracked so they had to reorder. I was glad not to have that headache because I originally thought I'd have to order it myself.

Everything I read seems to be that cracks tend to happen in shipping and once installed I don't read about cracking problems. I hope that's true because I am so excited to get my new sink!

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Good to hear about a dealer who stands behind their products and shipping!

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As I posted just a bit ago. The installers found a crack in my sink also. Reading your post gives me hope that all will be made right also. Need to make a call.

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Oh I know, it is so upsetting when it happens right in the middle of installation, and you think everything is ready to go. Caused a bit of a row with my contractor who wanted to go ahead anyhow, so FWIW, MNexlurker, at least yours let you know...

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Glad they are helping you out!
Ours has been great so far - I was so worried about reading about cracks during shipping.

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I haven't heard of any Silgranit II sinks cracking once installed, so warmest congratulations on the vendor's standing behind it, and best wishes for safe transport and happy install!

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