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Marie_TXFebruary 9, 2002

I have a neighbor in his 80's who grows veggies and sells them on his front porch "when he feels like it." He has a little sign he puts out by the road, and the bowls of what's available are on his porch. You go up and knock, and he'll come out and chat your ear off if you let him. I love to go there. I also love the fact that he is having fun making a little pocket change.

My SIL does crafts year round and does a craft show twice a year -- just before Christmas, and just before Easter. She makes $900 to $1200 profit each time, and has a blast with her crafty girlfriends. My brother made her a portable wooden stand -- it's two A-frames with slots, and boards that fit in the slots for shelves -- so she doesn't need to rent the tables for a booth.

Another neighbor and her daughters have huge garage sales about four times a year. She told me that she makes around a thousand dollars on the weekend. She collects people's cast-offs all year long and sets up a really nice sale in her yard -- lots of tables, ropes tied from tree to tree for the hanging clothes, books on roll-out carts, etc. They also sell drinks.

Another man in this area buys used cars and resells them. He works on one car at a time, in his garage. His wife says it brings in a few hundred a month.

What are some more ideas for people to make "pocket money" when they are retired?

-- Marie

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I'd love to have a "Grandpa" handyman for the zillion little things that need fixing around the house, such as replacing outside light fixtures, changing faucet washers, etc.

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Here's another one I find impressive. A friend's mother makes crafty signs and scarecrows out of scraps of wood and other "junque." She gets most of the wood from construction sites. She sells these through a gift shop and the daughter tells me she makes about $300 per month on the average, year round. She even uses the leftover paint from construction sites. Her only expense is transportation, and a little bit for tools occasionally.

I find that really admirable. Here I am, buying TONS of art supplies, and never even coming up with something I feel worthy of putting up for sale!!

-- Marie

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My mother always wore hats to church and when hats went out of style, she began adding to hers by buying them at yard sales. Many of her friends gave her their old hats so they would have a "good home". For the past 15 years, she's been presenting a 45 minute show on the history of hats in the 20th century. She does some shows for free at senior centers but most are paid entertainment for women's clubs, hospital auxiliarys, sales meetings, etc. She also lends them to theater groups. She does 1 or 2 shows a week and has fun while she makes some spending money.

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Two of my friends & I sell "crafts"--I hand collect -pkg-sell & trade seeds from my flower gardens.

One of my friends works once a week for a home health service as a "companion" -she goes to a home & stays for 24 hrs -does the cooking & is just a "body" to be in the house with someone for vacations etc.

Another friend drives taxi twice a week--he also has a morning rural paper route.
Another friend babysits for 3-4 hrs once or twice a week-lots of parents prefer a mature "grandma" to a teenager.Most of the people she sits for even pick her up & bring her home.


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I am a school crossing guard.It pays well and you get unemployment benifits when school is out.You keep in touch with the younger people and its fun.I take my dog to work and the kids love him.I also have taught some how to say PLEASE & THANKYOU. Most of them love me but I have a little more work with some of the girls.Children love attention and some do not get it at home.Thats why we must becareful there are a lot of sickos out there waiting for our children

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Nobody here is a greeter at Walmart? LOL

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Wouldn't be all bad. In the small community that I live in, I'm sure that I would see a lot of people that I know. It would be a good way to socialize a little, have NO stress, and make money too. :) How about that???????

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WE SELL our gourds and Okra. The Okra pays for our garden supplies, such as seed and cotton seed meal. Granpaw says time is ours. So we never count how much time it takes to grow the garden.

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I sell on ebay....just stuff I would usually put in the goodwill.

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I always thought I'd like to start a bakery in my pre first retirement days. Then I decided that getting up at 3 or 4 in the morning every day would not be fun :-(. However I still make "dough to go" for the busy moms in our area, plus making cakes and pies. I always chuckle thinking about each child who takes "homemade" cookies to class knowing that another child has brought the same thing at one time. It took me four more jobs after my first retirement to realize that volunteering was enough of a job. And on days like this with that blizzard howling outside my window, glad I don't have to go anywhere!

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I collect aluminum pop cans to recycle - metal dealer pays me 50 cents a pound (about 30), but they are about 10 km. (6 mi.) away, so I only redeem them when I have another errand in the vicinity.

I used to be a security guard at a trucking company garage where a number of truckers were from Michigan, where Michigan-originated pop cans were worth 10 cents each - a few years ago they paid a quarter of my gas bill on a trip from London, Ontario to Regina, Saskatchewan (n w of Minot, ND).

Was later told to stay out of garbage and got into trouble for it.

While hitchhiking to the garage that fixes my car or van, I carry store carry-bags and often pick up quite a few. Often find beer cans, as well - that are worth 10 cents each when I take them to the beer store.

I chauffeur my son, who dresses as a clown and blows up long, tough ballons to twist into "animal" shapes for kids at festivals, fairs, rib fest, Oktoberfest and other celebrations - where there are usually a lot of barrels for garbage, only seldom accompanied by barrels labelled "pop cans". Most organizers agree to my picking cans out of garbage, as they don't separate it.

Quite a job to remove tabs from a few hundred cans, to give to a friend whose Legion (War Veterans) save them for wheelchairs for handicapped. He lives 60 km. (40 mi.) away, so had quite a bunch to give him a while ago while on an errand past his door - he was delighted.

Even more important to reduce garbage by recycling now, for our major city of Toronto, whose landfill was filled a while ago, now ships thousands of tons by truck to near Detroit - and the Michigan people are unhappy about it (as are a number of Ontario cities whose roads they hammer en route). Some U.S. agencies ship quite a bit of hazardous waste over here for disposal. Not my direct problem, for London has its own landfill.

I have a pile of old newspapers here, which a few years ago were saleable, but no longer. Son has been asking what I plan to do with them. I think I know of a place where they'll accept them.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, everyone - building a new landfill, involving environmental studies, and all that jazz is EXPENSIVE, folks - which drives/will drive up your tax bill.

Have a happy time during the tail end of winter, everyone.

Sure is nice not to have to go out in the pre-dawn to scrape ice off of windshield. And drive home from work in the dark (that's pretty well over for most people, this year).

joyful guy/Ed

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