Help: Add plywood to reinforce floor?

misterzJanuary 3, 2010

Laundry room closet is on second floor, middle of townhome.

Currently chipped tile is in there. I am going to rip it out.

Any suggestions to reduce vibration? Add 3/4 inch plywood? Add rubber sheet and than plywood? Or plywood and thick rubber mat on top of plywood?

Help please.

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I have always had top loading washers and always had vibration problems, be it in a house(concrete floor in basement) or a mobile home.

We just bought the 1965 built house in which we now live. I brought the washer/dryer from the mobile(last residence) and still had vibration issues.

Due to the house being on a septic system with no separate washer tank, we decided to get a front loader washer. Due to the aquisition of more useable room, we purchased a stacking pair.

There is zero vibration. I had not considered that aspect, thinking only of the savings of water and the lessened impact on the septic system.

You might be money ahead by doing a basic flooring job on your present laundry room and installing a front loader washer.

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Larry Wasson

Handymac, what front loader did you purchase? We have the Whirlpool Duet and it vibrates like crazy no matter what size load. No problem with the fornt loader dryer.

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GE stacking set, from Home Depot.

Washer model number is WSSH300GWW.

Total was $1,100, so not the more expensive set.

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You should try to use some Cork Underlayment. This helps with shaky movement and with noise issues. Check out this 1/2 inch Cork Underlayment, it should do the job.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cork Underlayment

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