Have all of the retired guys and gals around here ...

joyfulguyFebruary 16, 2008

... gone to Florida/Arizona for the winter??

Someone please tell them that they have internet-connected computers in the libraries, down there!

Don't tell me that they all died before the snow flew!

Not wanting to die in the winter and have the coffin stored in a shed at the cemetery to await spring burial, maybe?

Jes' wonderin'.

ole joyful

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From around here do you mean just Canadians--or all of us other nothern tier oldies? Some of us here in ND for various reasons are still here--mine is because my husband need Chemo/ and other medical stuff--and by the way the weather in AZ etc has not been that great this year.

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I'm just guessing, but I think Ole Joyful might be wondering where the posters and responders are... not much activity on some of the forums.

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I guess that I neglected to mention anothe possibility - that someone may have put duct tape over their mouths.

Oh - that's right, talking doesn't count ...

... then I guess that I was worried whether someone may have duct-taped their fingers!

Not an eventuality to be desired, I think.

I was getting to feel rather lonely, on here.

But then ... there's the KT.

By the way, though I don't know the tax laws in the U.S., in Canada I suggest that every senior should have a home-based business, especially if s/he's a renter. Gives one some nice tax deductions ... but be sure that you can document and justify them all, in case of audit.

Canadians can deduct the full amount of capital gain on their owner-occupied house ... but if they've claimed some deductions for tax relative to having the home-based business, it might jeopardize par of that esxemption.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

ole joyful

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Cremation solves all problems.

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Q: Did you hear what happened to the guy who smoked in bed?

A: He made an ash of himself!

But ... whadda ya do with the ashes?

ole joyful

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Some of us are living on a Caribbean island enjoying the best time of their lives. Using cell phones to surf the net.

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LOL....did all your friends leave for warmer weather? I just visit here once in awhile but know you always give people a laugh.

I lived in cold states for a long time. Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Now I live in South Carolina where I still have seasons and cold weather. I love cold weather but not freezing below zero weather. I do enjoy the warmer weather too......helps older bones.

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