Any ideas for painted brick fireplace?

mfnJsb0809June 26, 2013

I bought this Turkish rug a few months ago and I feel like I need a different color fireplace to complement- do you have any suggestions? Here is a picture....

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Elraes Miller

I did something totally off the wall. But....completely covered the fireplace with premixed grout. You cannot tell there is brick behind it. I also painted it with standard wall paint rather than use a colored grout. 7 years and no cracks. I love the look of it, beyond painted brick and works well with my decor. Was not a big job, just used a trowel to go over it. Thinking now though, I wish that I had added some decorative tile pieces seen in some of the older homes.

A mantle is my first suggestion. Plus a different color of paint if you are going to paint it again. I'm not the color person here. Others will chime in.

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The aqua blue in the rug is the first color that said "USE ME MORE". It would look so pretty next to your tan walls.

Is your ceiling a light blue or is that just the way the light is playing? If it's white, paint that a very, very pale blue, too.

Technicolor, does your treatment look kind of like plaster? I love that idea for mine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aqua fireplace accent

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I would paint the rest of the walls in aqua -- and leave the fireplace in the lovely fresh white.

Also -- try adding more aqua accents around the room first -- for example -- remove the current pillows from the sofa and chair -- and switch to aqua ones. Add an aqua-colored glass bowl to the coffee table -- OR paint the coffee table in aqua (just a thought!!)

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Here's a link to a possible Benjamin Moore paint color ... of course ... it is hard to really tell exact colors from a monitor ....

Here is a link that might be useful: Possible BM tone

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Great suggestions all.... I will definitely focus on the aqua color accents and explore the paint colors. The ceiling is white- though it does have a bluish tint in the picture. I love the idea of a pale blue ceiling!

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technicolor would you mind posting a pic of your fireplace? Sounds great!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would go for a deep color instead, as the black of the firebox is too stark for me...I'd look into a deep red tone maybe, or a dark blue gray, or even a nice taupe.

Modern Living Room by Austin Architects & Designers Alterstudio

Or if you wanted to go with a lighter color, then maybe brighten the fireplace screen or the surround.

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That rug is Gorgeous! Where did you get it, if you dont mind me asking!

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that rug is beautiful. I think pulling any of colors in it to use on the fireplace would really make it pop. My own choice would be the faded red/salmon-coral-ish of the smaller figurals.

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Thanks anniedeighnaugh - I never thought about the inside of the box.

Thanksboopadaboo- I love the rug but it has taken some getting used to.... It has thrown off my usual color choices a bit- so I am slowly working around it. I got it at a rug shop in Berkeley, Ca- was a bit of an investment- I wanted
Something that is way care with cats!

Thanks Egbert!

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