replace plastic trim on front entry door

pongmanJanuary 14, 2009

I have a fiberglass front entry door that has a window in it surrounded by plastic trim. The trim on the inside of the door is as good as new, but the trim on the outside of the door is cracked and warped possibly due to heat from the sun being trapped by the screen door. I am looking to replace the trim; and if necessary, the entire window and trim module. I have searched for DIY forums on this topic and can't find anything. How would you recommend I go about getting this repair done?

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I would contact the manufacture outfit to get the proper replacement parts and if you dont feel confident about d.i.y, seek out a reputable handyman in your area.

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I have a Magnaseal steel door that has an etched, leaded half moon at the top. The outside trim warped due to the high heat. It's only attached with a few screws on the inside and easily came out. Took it to Home Depot and within a week or two, I had a new trim. Only cost around $25.00 and came with plain glass that, one day, I'll use in some sort of project.

Cut a hole in a luan interior bathroom door and reused the old trim with stained glass inserts (glued wood blocks inside to hold screws). Still a little warped, but it looks "neat".

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Most all steel and fiberglass door manufacturers use "commodity" inserts for full lite, half lite, 9 lite, 15 lite, etc glass inserts. They don't make that part (plastic frame with glass inside) but instead cut the hole in the door blank and insert the glass made by specialty manufacturers that service the door making industry. They are referred to as commodity inserts because usually inserts from different companies are interchangeable.

They are sold with both inside/outside trim AND the glass as mulchmamma said, and you have to double-check the sizes. My company was just able to sell (10) 9 lite (same size as 1/2 lite)sets to a company on the other side of the country WITHOUT the glass. They loved this of course because it saved them a fortune on shipping (weight) and they got to re-use their perfectly good glass anyway.

You didn't say what your window was. For example the units i spoke of were 23 3/4"W x 37 3/4"H, measured to the outside dimensions.

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I thought i'd throw this in as i got a few email questions:
Usually a 2/6 door will have a smaller width of 21 3/4", and the larger doors will USUALLY be 23 3/4".

If your measurement is within a 1/2" or so it will work.

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