How to match ceiling paint

emersonsfJanuary 3, 2006

I would like to touch up some spots on the ceiling without painting the whole ceiling. How do I go about matching the paint color. Do paint stores have samples of ceiling paint that I can hold up against the old paint and try to match? Am I going to have to try to cut off some of the old paint and take it to the store.

Thanks for any help


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matching ceiling paint is no different than matching any other painted surface. Many paint supply stores now have a scanner which, if you bring in a decent sized paint chip of the exisiting material, will scan it and then produce a recipe for a custom blended paint that should be close to the existing. The store will then mix you up a batch.

Absent the ability to scan a chip, you need to note the finish, flat/gloss/semi-gloss/egg shell, etc. Most ceilings are painted flat. Also look at the color charts to see the closest match. Lastly, you might consider doing a couple of spots and verify that your results are good before doing them all.

If it's water stains that you're covering, you'll liklely need to prime first. Loose/peeling paint should always be removed before recoating.

Good luck and HTH

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How long has the ceiling paint been there?

Do you have a smooth or textured ceiling?

Is there damage? If so, describe the damage.

If it's older than a year, even the identical paint may not match it enough to be an invisible repair.


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You'll be lucky if they can match it. It is extremely difficult to do it by eye.

I recently repainted the ceilings. And, it was fine when I was finished. But, there was a poor patch job done years ago which I finally decided to fix. However, I knew I didn't have enough left over ceiling paint to put three coats on it. But, I still had enough to bring it to Home Depot, where I had bought the first ceiling paint and asked them to match it.

For the first batch, I had tweaked to try to match it to the other ceilings. So, the formula on the can was no longer true, but I figured with paint leftover in the can, they should be able to match it.

It wasn't even close. Its so off, that I think I might just have to repaint everything with this different colored ceiling paint.

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I had some aged exterior paint matched by a local hardware store. I brought in a chip of the old paint that I scraped of. It is my understanding that they can match a dried color more easily than matching paint in a can.

Of course white is probably the most difficult color to match.

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