Before you sign up for Residential/Nursing Home ...

joyfulguyFebruary 4, 2007

... better check out a thread over on the Kitchen Table.

Titled either "Save cash over Nursing Home" or "Alternative to Nursing Home" - you can find it on "Search".

It claims that staying at a hotel is less costly than living in a Nursing Home - but has most of the advantages.

Others were speaking in terms of going on successive cruises.

It was on P. 1 on Sat. Feb 3, and pages move 2 - 3 per day, over there.

A lot more talkative than here, it seems.

I hope that you're all enjoying your retirement.

ole joyful

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This is not the first time I have heard about this. My neighbor mentioned it to me.

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As some of you know, they're a talkative bunch over on KT and the last messages left on P. 67 over there are about Feb 22, so early Feb. ones have fallen over the edge of the abyss by now ... sorry. Guess that I should have posted, to have brought it back to the top.

But I expect that most of you who may have been interested went over there to check it.

I think that I didn't know how to post a link, then ... but have learned, since.

The idea was to stay in motels or hotels, as one gets almost as good service as in many retirement homes.

Or go on successive cruises, for similar reasons.

Though one would need a place to hang one's hat during the in-between times.

And would you like to get rid of everything that you own ... except what you could carry on a cruise ship?

Pack rats would have a life-shattering trauma over a situation like that!

I hope that everyone's having a lovely week.

It was cold and windy here, but sunny and warm, today.

ole joyful

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There was also an article going around about retiring on a cruise ship. In fact I think maybe I posted it long ago.

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I posted it a couple of years ago. Rather than copy/paste I'll give the link

Here is a link that might be useful: an alternative retirement home - Retirement Forum - GardenWeb

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