Problem with Craftsman Garage Door Opener Screw Drive

thefixer811January 27, 2007

I have a 1/2 HP Craftsman screw drive garage door opener model 139.53991.

When it gets cold the garage door comes down half way, stops, and then goes back up.

If I release the door from the track and try the opener, the track rattles when the trolley gets to the center of the track.

This is the same spot where the garage door stops before going back up.

The manual says not to lubricate the screw/rail.

What is my problem and how do I fix it?


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I had the same problem with a Genie screw drive after I lost a spring that put the door in a bind. Mine turned out to be a sheared pin inside the unit, it started out as going down about halfway (pin was partially sheared) and then coming back up, then after a few days it would not even start down (pin completely sheared) the motor worked but no movement. I would assume that the Craftsman and Genie screw drives are similar in design?? I pulled the entire unit down took it apart cleaned /degreased the track and screw, replaced the sheared pin lubricated and reassembled the unit and it works as well today as it did when new. At this point though I wish I had simply replaced it since the old unit does not have the rolling code security feature. Oh well I guess I will replace it next time there is a problem. It lasted 16 years the first time. Might get 10 years or so this time.

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the fixer 811,

Does the opener light flash ten times when the door reverses? If so your sensors are out of alignment, or the vibration from the track throws them out of alignment in that particular position or something is obstructing the beam in that particular postion (i.e pull rope, spider web etc) If not try turning your down force up a notch or two. It will be directly on the back of the opener head and should be blue in color. I have run into a rash of the craftsman screw drives that for some reason become very sensitive in cold weather. Five this week and nothing is wrong with the door, and it is only the screw drives doing it.


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BINGO! It worked.
Simply adjusted the 'force' UP a notch or two and rise it did in one motion.
Initial problem had been - in early morning SoCalif temps - the door would rise a foot or so, then stop. Depressing the opener wall button again, the door would rise a few inches then stop. Repeat-repeat-repeat and at approximately three feet off the ground the door would then open completely. If using the vehicle remote the door would stop. When depressed again the door would close.
One adjustment as stated above and there has not been another opening problem.

Thank You DoorGuy06!

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