2 Garage Doors not working correctly w/different problems

nghdawgJanuary 8, 2009

Any help would be apprecited....First Door is a Craftsman about 10 years old. I had just figured out how to reprogram the keypad and everything seemed to be fine until my wife left for work yesterday...she was able to get out of the garage and then to door wouldn't close. the motor runs but the chain won't move. The problem is I can't raise it quite far enough to get in and out without bumping it. I had to rig it this morning and tie it off. Anyway...after reading the forum I am guessing my gears are worn out and a service tech needs to come.

Second one is a genie and was in the house when we moved in 10 yrs ago. It has the old doorbell button. It seems to work at some times and not at others. A couple of months ago it just stopped working. Hit the button, you would hear it click but nothing happened. Two weeks later it worked again. Two weeks later same problem...two weeks later it worked again and now it doesn't...again! Any ideas

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If you take the cover off the motor unit you will be able to see the drive gear just in front of the motor. Odds are it is stripped and will be obvious. If you are handy you can do this repair yourself but it is more than just a plug in type repair. The new part comes with instructions.

If you can hear a click coming from the opener on the Genie when you press the wall button it is probably a bad solder connection on a pc board. This too could be repaired if you are handy.

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