Any Red Hat Society Members Here?

mamatoadJanuary 19, 2005

I just found a new book (published 2004) of Red Hat Crafts! Lots of applique, embroidery, hats, pillows, pincushions, pins and others. I'm looking forward to making some gifts soon.

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I am a Red Hatter! Where did you find the book?
I hope your Red Hat group has as much fun as ours. There are six groups in our small community and they all say our group, The Nipomo Royal Crown Jewels has the most fun.
We are going to tour a local winery that makes sparkling wine (Champagne) next weekend.

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Carol, I found the book at Michaels. Haven't seen it any other place. With my 40 percent off coupon, I think the price was around $10.00. I haven't joined a group but plan to do so soon. I have my red hat and purple shirt already!

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Carol in Cal,

I'd like to see some of the embroidery that you gals do just after your visit to the champagne farm!

(Maybe take a good snooze, first?).

ole joyful (not into the oj, lately)

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