Any suggestions?

livingineuropeJanuary 20, 2008


My wife studied in Europe before we were married. I sold everything I had and went over, too. It was truly a great experience. That was in the earlier '70's and I am retired now. I am thinking about the following and would like some feedback. My wife and would like to team up with another retired couple or single retired person. The first year I would rent a house in England, Spain, or Italy. We would invite from 4 to 8 students to move to Europe and study (college) for one school year. We would be guidance facilitators. All expenses for the house would be split between all involved, but it should bring the cost way down. The students would be from one college in the states and all courses they take would be on-line. One college I communicated with is Gwinnett

They have an online business degree at an amazingly low tuition.

This way a lower income student could study in Europe for a very low cost which should be able to be paid with grants and summer jobs.

If the program is successful after the first year I would do 3 houses. One in England, Spain, Italy and/or Greece. The students would switch houses 3 times during the year to visit and study in all countries.

I want to maintain the highest moral standard for all involved and would interview and select based on moral values.

Any suggestions?



Here is a link that might be useful: Some online colleges

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ole joyful

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Just thought of one other option. There are forumns for people who are retiring to Europe and other points aboard. They already plan on acquiring a residence. One of the challenges retirees face when relocating to anywhere (from Florida to Europe) is loniness. Particularly outside the US where they may not speak the language. This would be a way for folks to have a built in group of Americans to keep them company.
They could facilitate for as little as 3 months or as long as they want. They could take in a couple of students or 6-8 students, depending on how much room they have and how much revenue they want.
The good thing about students who are taking courses online is that if one gives you grief you can pull the previlege, send them home and they can continue their studies without skipping a beat.
And you are right "ole joyful", this has to be designed to minimize Tylenol consumption. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with some very respectful, great college kids. I can remember one thief and one pain. But they were quickly eliminated with 2 simple words..."you're fired" :-) In this case, it would be , "Go Home."

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