Foundation Repair - Hole For Well Hose

gahalifax2010January 18, 2014

Hello, I have a large hole in my foundation where the hose for the well enters the house and connects to the pump. The hole is approx 1 foot in diameter and opens up into a hollow space that appears to be under the foundation. The hole is located in my crawl space we use for storage and mice are entering the house here. The previous owners had stuffed pink insulation into the house but of course that does not stop mice or the draft that comes from this.

I want to plug this up to keep out the mice and drafts but not impact the hose for the well or making servicing or replacing the hose problematic. I plan to use some expanding spray foam along with a layer of steel wool. Can anyone think of a reason not to, or a better way? I did not want to get involved in using a mortar or mix if possible.

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So, why not end the problem forever, rather than a stop-gap?
Mortar a double ended rigid male fitting, a short hose on the inside and the supply on the out side.

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My personal favorite is to use a piece of 2" PVC through the wall, run the well piping through that (if it is a single pipe) and caulk with silicone between the PVC sleeve and the pipe. Mortar would be one way to fill around the outside of the PVC. I have better results if I add a bit of Portland cement to the mortar to richen the mixture. But the Portland cement is sold in bags of 94 pounds and needs to be used soon after opening the bag. Wet the old masonry before applying the new.

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Bus driver is bang on. I would use a 3" sleeve to easily change the line if need be. Put a threaded cap on each end with a hole cut to take the hose. Seal with silicone.

If you spray foam you will never be able to easily change the line without ripping the entire patch out. No steelwool please.

As Mike my pal Holmes says, Do it right.

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