Whatcha doin' this New Year?

joyfulguyJanuary 6, 2005

It seems to me that our communities and neighbourhoods are less friendly than they used to be.

With both parents employed in many familes, many children, sort of like my Dad said about Topsy, "just growed".

With the movement that has occurred in many families, often extended family members, including grandparents, live a long way away.

Perhaps some of us could find some local children and, with parents' agreement, become more or less substitute grandparents.

Helping our young people develop more facets to their life - including knowing more about, and developing increased respect for, old folks?

And, just maybe, being more willing to support pension plans that pay out to us, after they join the work force?

Many of us could also help support community-building activities in our community which would help its various members to feel more connected, thus build a greater feeling of loyalty to their community.

'Twould sure provide a shot in the arm for our zest for living, as well, doncha think?

Good wishes to all for a fine New Year.

ole joyful

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They are doing this in my community already. The local Elementary/Middle school has a monthly "Elder Luncheon", meals are prepared and served by students, there is scheduled entertainment, and Elders are encouraged to bring along artifacts and tell their stories.
The students have as of now published two books "Through the Eyes of the Elders", telling some local families' history. The books are sold to raise money to publish more books and to continue the luncheons.
I live in a small, rural town which is a real community.
Relocated here twenty years ago, when dh (now passed) and I retired.

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I live in the most wonderful neighborhood. It is the first time really and I think most of the credit goes to one neighbor in particular. She is so friendly and keeps everyone connected. This year I did a Christmas open house for my cul de sac. Everyone came and it was a great success. I certainly plan to do it again. Young families move in and don't know how to neighbor, but they learn if treated with patience and good will.

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