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WhofartedJanuary 12, 2011

Hi I have an idea an would like your input. I live in the country outside a small town in the foothills of the smokie mountains. ofton refered to as Gods country. I own 10 acres on about 60 of family land. I will try to outline my thoughts. I am looking for aproxamatly 30 people looking to retire. people that do not want to die off in some retirement home assisted living center or want ever you want to call one of those gloified prisons. What would you think of having your own small cabin on a beautiful little pond where you could fish from your deck. A place in which the money that you invest upfront and monthly would be spent by you and the others. It cost so much to retire to an assisted living center. would you rather grow your own food, work in big gardens raise you own beef, chickens, rabbits turkeys and so on. I guess what I am looking at is a community of people that are willing to take care of each other. A group of people that are not willing to just lay down and die. A group that can incourage one another and make their latter days just as great as they can be. I have so many ideas as to help people enjoy their lives but honestly I am not a buisness man. I am not trying to get rich. in fact I would want nothing to do with handeling of money. I am doing this mainly because I have become disabled the doctors say I will never be able to return to work. chances are I will not reach retirement age. I have been married for 30 years and raised a family. I am doing this so that I know my wife will be taken care of. This is the way I am looking at it. I own the property the person invest lets say 150.000 we have 20 people invest upfront so we have 3,000,000 to deal with. at this point all 20 sit down and say ok what type of place do we want to live in. I'm thinking vary small cabins for one for the most part although 2 people would be fine. the people would control all the money and determind how it was spent in order to take care of all. do I sound crazy? I have alot rolling around this big space between my ears but would it not be nice to live your last years the way you want. and if you have to pump out thousands of dollars a month at least you have some say as to how it's spent. anyway tell me what you think.


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I think I may be hearing tinkles of a scam, but on the off chance that he's sincere--- There's a lot he hasn't thought about in this geriatric Utopia, such as health care & continuing care as these commune dwellers become older. And that's why my husband & I chose to move to a CCRC--Continuing Care Retirement Community. We don't need any of the foregoing now, but we probably will in the future. One last note: the emailer's address does not engender feelings of trust.

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Another caveat--I just checked his page & he just registered today. In addition, spelling & punctuation DO count.

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You compare that to an assisted living center, ummm, You need to get out of those hills. So who will cook my meals, clean my little cabin and take me to the doctor and pharmacy. The retirement home I have picked out has theater, swimming pool, valet service, van and driver, maids, chef, exercise equip and trainer. Thanks but no thanks.

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Another retirement home resident here. It's a great place to live with all the conveniences. And if DH and I need further care down the road, it's available for us.

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