100% increase in dental insurance

victory_tea2085January 22, 2013

I'm retired but continue to carry dental insurance from my employer (Pomco insurance). Much to our dismay, they raised our insurance by over 100%. We used dental a lot this past year and I feel they may be trying to get rid of us. Are there any legal parameters as to how much dental insurance can be increased? I live in NY state. Thanks- Paul

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It will depend on the state laws, but contact your state's Insurance Commissioner's office.

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Until recently our dental bills were less than what the monthly fees added up to. Checked into having coverage because dentist is now above the fees only to find that there are few companies that cover anyone over 70 so you may want to see how long your dental plan will last as you age.

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I read if you have maintained your teeth The dental premiums are more expensive than yearly maintenance.

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I'm not carrying dental for myself- it is a family plan. I have a 7yo (believe it or not) who is going to need braces etc. My wife had some work done this past year and I'm wondering if we're being illegally punished for using benefits. Paul

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I live in Canada - so things are different. If we had a family plan post retirement, the age of the Primary Plan Holder - which in this case would be you - would determine the cost of the premiums. And they would be (and are) very high no matter your age. My husband is still working, but pays high premiums with a $1,250 deductible for family coverage - and he does not have specialist coverage - and reimbursement rates are based on our province's recommended rates - which are lower than those charge by our regular dentist and most dentists in general. Some things they only pay 50% of the cost - based again on the provincial guidelines and many oral surgeons who used to do things like root canals have stopped doing so and are sending patients to specialists - who charge more and so on - very expensive. Our provincial health care does not cover dental or vision. At age 70, even if a person has retired with X number of dollars lifetime for coverage it stops for all but the most basic things. Braces are only covered up to a lifetime maximum which would not cover the cost for a child with parents who are not retired, never mind those that are. Perhaps you should call your insurer and ask them why your premiums have gone up - that would be what I would do. Certainly they seem to go up every year, but I would ask why 100% - and of course the $ you are paying will come into play as well. Some people pay for less than others in premiums for the same coverage.

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If the plan is a family plan you are probably included in it. If I had children I might be tempted to have dental insurance because you know they will use it.

Check to see what the max the company will pay. Some will only pay a thousand or two. When you are talking about braces it is not much.

If you have available a health savings account consider placing money in it for dental expenses to replace or augment the dental insurance. Current rules may not allow you to use this for any type of medical insurance but can be used for care.

Review all of last years expenses add 10%. This was what I found that by the end of the year I used.

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I realize I'm included in the family plan- if it was just me I would merely pay 2 cleanings a year out of pocket. I am getting nowhere trying to get answers as to the legality of this increase. Called all kinds of gov agencies only to be referred to another #, just making a big loop with the result calling back the # I originally started with. My God, I hate dealing with the government- and Obama wants to take over health care? Paul

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Actually, what you are dealing with is the LACK of governmental regulations and what happens when the insurance companies are not regulated.

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Wrong!! I am dealing with government bureaucracy at it's finest. Can't get answers to questions, menu options that aren't relevant and poorly trained workers. I kind of hope there are NOT government regulations but I am finding out there are many. If I can't resolve this I will dump the dental insurance and start putting money in a savings account. The government is FAR too involved in business and is the main reason why no one wants to start a new business. Socialism may work in small European countries but won't work here. Look at the US Postal system!! Paul

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I was referring to your original problem of increased rates.

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You are so right- sorry for the rant- thank you for your intelligent replies- Paul

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I am a little curious.

Does your dental insurance save you money? Or not?

We have coverage (and we're retired). Our premiums are under $30/year, and we certainly get more than that in benefits each year. It's good coverage and well-worth it. Note that we have had the same plan for at least 20 years now, and we've had root canals, caps, dd had braces when she was a kid--without any ill effects to the premium.

However, my dd has dental insurance through her work. She's found that she ends up paying MORE out of pocket (co-pay) for procedures when she uses her insurance than the procedure would cost her if she doesn't use it. It's worth looking into, at least--call a few dentists you trust, and get prices for what you need--using your insurance and not.

I really think dental insurance needs to be evaluated plan by plan; procedure by procedure to see if it's worth the cost of the premiums

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My wife and I pay about $225 TOTAL for both of us on full coverage Federal BCBS which is health, dental, vision and RX, with a $250 deductible per year. The dental part is only like maybe $30 a month for both of us.
We have this solely because my wife worked for the Federal Courts for 37 years, we have the same Insurance as Congress does.
With any luck IF we can get Tpublican nutters voted OUT of office asap then Obamacare can start to take hold properly.

In about a year or so there should be Insurance exchanges in effect in most non nutbag states, one of those options could be a Government Option which would basically be like Medicare that will be competing with the private insurance companies.
Also those unable to afford insurance will get help to do so.
That is of course if the ignorant would simply stop voting against their own best interest.

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You certainly have a good deal going for you and your wife. The thought of Obamacare scares the Dickens out of me. Look at the state of our US Postal service. What will happen when government takes over medicine in this country- really hard for me to fathom that care would become cheaper or better! I just don't buy it! Thanks for your thoughtful reply, however. - Paul

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The state of our postal service?
You do realize WHY the Postal service is going down right?
it is solely because of Reich wing loons, Tpublicans that back in about 2006 decided to destroy the post office.


""""It's almost hard to comprehend what they're talking about, but basically they said that the Postal Service would have to fully fund future retirees' health benefits for the next 75 years and they would have to do it within a ten-year window,"

There is not a single business today that could survive that, NONE, that would collapse Walmart.

They did this in order to privatize it and to get as many "Public Employees" laid off as possible.
They are disgusting.

The Post Office was doing great up until 2006.

Universal Healthcare works fantastic in every other country on the planet, not "cheaper" health care which is all Obamacare is trying to do, but basically FREE healthcare.
It would free up businesses to hire several more employees and pay them better, the economy would be booming and everyone would have healthcare and not have to worry about going bankrupt because they got sick.

It will HAVE to happen sooner or later because our current system is simply not sustainable, not even close.
So best to do it now and plan for it, implement it properly instead of waiting until we absolutely have to do it and do it in a hurry.

What scares the heck outa me is Obamacare NOT being implemented and I have the best insurance available in the USA at the cheapest price you can get it.
The government is not the problem, it is the Tpublican congress which BTW hate government and are constantly trying to destroy it from within.
If people would simply stop voting these loons into power we would be doing ever so much better.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Poison Pill to kill the Post Office

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A consideration cancel the insurance and when you need dental work get on a plane fly to most third word counties get your teeth looked after have a good vacation and return home for less money. I live in the Caribbean and my dentist charges me so little that it is a laugh even special dental work there is a specialist from Germany who works here and uses the same equipment that they use in the U.S.

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While it may sound like a joke there are numerous people that do exactly what Doug just said.
The healthcare is so much cheaper and every bit as good that you can spend the same money you would just going to the doctor here as you would be taking a 7 day vacation to a country that has REAL healthcare.

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Review your contract or agreement with your insurance company. It is also a good idea to consult a lawyer for this matter.

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