How many of you match your trim color to creamy white cabinets

sis2twoApril 2, 2013

For those of you with creamy white kitchen cabinets, do you use the same color on trim, baseboards and crown molding in your kitchen? Since my cabinets have been repainted in a creamy white color, my trim and wainscoting and the like seem so stark. All of my home has the starker white trim running throughout. Any suggestions?

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I had them paint mine dove white, which is softer than a stark white and I love it...and it looks good with my white windows and doors. Good luck!

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I kept my trim white with soft white cabs
(uppers only). I am not going to change it since I like white trim throughout each room(kitchen is open to sitting room and hall). The most important thing is for me to change the kitchen wall color as it doesn't look right with my floor.

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We matched our cabinets to our existing trim, but it's very creamy so a true white would have stuck out a lot--with something close to white than ours, it would probably be less of an issue.

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Like Phoggie, I did Ben Moore's White dove for the trim. The cabs are Acadia White, which is a warm creamy white.

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All the trim in my house (baseboard, casing, crown, doors) are the same white as my kitchen cabinets. I like how it unifies the house, especially since every room is a different color.

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I can't remember the color of the white on our trim work (doors, windows, crown molding, etc) but it was a white from Benjamin Moore. The cabinet color is Bone White from BM, and we did not worrying about matching them. One is very creamy and one is very white.

Honestly, when you're in the kitchen, you don't even notice that there are two different colors. Mostly you just notice the cream, you know?

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We decided to match the trim in our new kitchen to our off-white cabs. Although there wasn't a huge difference, I didn't want the cabs looking dingy or yellow next to the trim (there are upper cabs flanking the window and the cabs go right next to the trim).

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We kept them different. I love the cabinet color and the trim color. I'm still trying to decide if I like them together. It wouldn't be hard for me to repaint the door and trim that is visually right next to the cabinets. Right now I'm trying to make the layering of whites work. I'm working on a gallery picture wall on the opposite side of the room (open family room to the kitchen) and my frames will be in layered whites.

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Can you post a picture of your kitchen? I have white dove trim throughout my house and wanted to paint my cabinets Acadia white because of it's creamier tone but the guy at the local BM store said they were too similar to put next to each other. I would love to see a picture if you have one. Thanks!

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Thank you all for your comments. Im thinking that I don't want to necessarily match my trim with my creamy cabinets, but at least soften the color a bit so it doesn't jump out at you.

Etera- your trim with your cabinets look good together. There is not a huge contrast at all. Very pretty kitchen! I love that bluish cabinet and crock that you have. It's a pretty pop of color in there.

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My kitchen cabinets are being painted BM Dove White as I type this now, by the cabinet maker, my hubby! My walls are acadia white. We have a lot of windows, so always lots of natural light pouring in. I loved the soft white of the Dove White. I know some people have posted that it is too drab or dingy compared to some other whites, but it works in our light filled kitchen. I can't wait to be able to post pics soon. This is a long process, never realized how much work goes into building cabinets. Now I know why they chew up so much the budget.

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I had to match mine because it was so off white and the door trim abutting the cabinets that it would've looked silly with the slight cream in the rest of the house.

Here is a link that might be useful: Example

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