Repair pitting in cinder block wall....

stupid48January 30, 2012

We have a cinder block wall around our house. We used to have grass but have put in a pool and desert landscaping instead. There is damage along the bottom of the wall caused by the grass sprinklers. It's not too bad. There are some small holes that I will use hydraulic cement (dap quick plug) to patch. What I would like to try and fix is the erosion and pitting and make it a little smoother. I guess I could try using the same stuff but I was thinking of some kind of cement-based material that I could trowel on. As well, I would expect to need some kind of bonding agent? It's really just along one course along the bottom. The reason I am doing this is that I want to paint the wall. Thanks for any advice....

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Look around Abatron's site.

The epoxy coatings hold up pretty well.

You can mix them with the supplied sand (or your sand) to make a decent coating.

Here is a link that might be useful: Abatron

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Thanks for the info. I sent them an email to make sure their products are paintable because it doesn't say in the tech sheet....

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