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christineoJanuary 7, 2007

Hi all....

New to this board and new to the retirement search thing.

Being so new to all this, we can use any advice someone who has been there (or is there now) can give us.

We are now in Fall River, MA. So looking forward to being snow birds. We want to winter in Florida and live at a campground we belong to in the summer so we can be near our kids at least half the year. We have a park model in Plymouth, MA where we stay in the summer right now.

We will be retiring very soon. We are trying to do our research so that we can make an informed decision.

Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of money, nor will we have a lot to retire on. Enough to live comfortably, but not enough to buy a home in an upper scale retirement community.

We have been to Florida 2 years in a row now checking out some of the 55+ communities. And we have been looking at the resales in the modular home parks (or manufactured home parks). Some have been single wides that have been extended out a bit, some have been doublewides. All years from older to newer.

We would like to buy something out right so we won't have a mortgage hanging over our heads. We do not own a home that we can sell and re-invest in another. We are hoping to buy something under $50,000 with as low a lot fee and additionals a month as possible.

Actually, we are more interested in central Florida for a lot of different reasons (if at all possible in our financial capabilities)

So far, the Hidden Coves (Hidden Cove, Hidden Cove East, and Hidden Cove West) seem to have what we are looking for. Reasonable resale prices, lower lot fees etc, near the water (Lake Henry--Lakeland and Winter Haven), and an active adult community.

They are part of CRF Communities. It seems that CRF Communities are all over the country. Some very reasonable like the Hidden Coves, and some much pricier. I am surprised that I can't find anyone who has heard of them or knows someone who has dealt with them or lived in one of their communities.

That is why I am trying to get helpful information. In searching the internet, I can't find any information (good or bad) about them. Yet, they are found in all the searches I do about Florida retirement communities.

Any information you can give us as far as reasonable 55+ communities in more of a central location, we would be greatly appreciative. Also any tips, warnings, or heads-up info is sorely needed before we make the big commitment.

What about insurance on modular homes??? I keep hearing how this is a big issue in Florida now.

Thanks again-----Chris

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I found this by Hi-lighting CRF Communities from your post and doing a google search with lucky. There is a newsletter that you may want to sign up for. I wish you the best of luck and hope you find your special place. We all deserve at least that after working hard!


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Regarding your request for info on CRF Resales in Florida:

Yes! There are 20 fabulous CRF resale retirement communities in central Florida. Perhaps the reason you have seen the CRF Resale name come up so often on the search engines is because they have been successfully owning and operating so many retirement communities for so long. They have been catering to retirees for OVER 30 YEARS and practice makes perfect! You can find out all about the communities, amenities, prices, even photos of all the homes for sale at

And, on a more personal note, my husband and I spent 47 years in the Chicago land area and decided to move to Florida to escape the harsh winters. We looked at dozens of communities during our Florida home search and during our search and CRF Communities were among the many we visited. We were impressed by the care they take in their communities, the landscaping, the activities, the amenities and the great sales managers. The home prices were excellent and the lot rents were reasonable -- considering how much nicer the communities were than the others we visited. We purchased a home in a CRF community and everything went very smoothly at the closing. We purchased through the community sales manager which really helped to streamline the entire process. We did our homework first on the internet and narrowed down locations first and then came down for about a week and stayed in several hotels, checking out all the 55+ communities. It was a lot of footwork but well worth it.

We've been here in Florida now for nearly three years and just love the lifestyle! In fact, I was so impressed with the company that I applied for a job! I love working for a company that helps seniors to experience the dream Florida retirement lifestyle without spending a fortune. They have homes in just about every price range from $6,000.00 to $160,000.00 and if you want to stay active during your retirement, there is so much to do! I could go on and on but you get the idea.

Just check out the website at and then when you arrive in Florida be sure to tour the CRF communities so you can see for yourself why these communities are considered a "cut above" the rest. Good luck to you! I hope this information helps you.

Here is a link that might be useful: CRF Resales

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Be aware that if there's a hurricane these homes are flattened. I've seen Windmill Village in Punta Gorda turned into a metal heap.

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Re: Hurricanes posting by crystal153. While I understand that severe weather events are always a concern, I can accept the risk of Hurricanes much more easily than the risks involved with tornadoes. I have been through 3 Hurricane Seasons and 30 Tornado Seasons in my adult life. When we receive a hurricane warning we literally have days, sometimes even weeks to prepare. With tornadoes we often had only minutes or seconds. I love the Florida lifestyle and accept the hurricane risk, after all, property and belongings can be replaced -- lives cannot. And, personally, I had no problem finding a reasonably priced insurance policy for our manufactured home to protect us financially, in case of loss.

Here is a link that might be useful: CRF Resales Live the Florida Lifestyle!

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