'Garden in my Wedding' pros and cons

rosajoe_gwDecember 24, 2011

I received the pattern over a week late. No fault of the seller, our distribution center in Savannah is having probs and is due to close soon. Our mail will go thru Jacksonville FL, Macon GA or somewhere in SC lol!!!

This pattern (1999) is replace by 'Flowers in my Wedding' for $32 + postage. I paid $20 for the garden and I am waiting for a $5 rebate. So for $15 total I was pleased.

There are nine pages of 1 and 2 sheets the consistency of phone book pages. These would have to be cut apart for PPing. The PPing looks simple enough, with only lines to follow (most are fairly straight lines). 8 different fabrics + the melon are suggested.

About 10 pages of instruction are included and with a quick perusal it looks detailed enough for an experienced beginner.

The applique is full size (I really get anonoyed when they say enlarge to ** size ) but only the pattern, no instruction on how to applique or the placement. OK with me as they did include a pic of the finished quilt to refer to.

On sale I think the pattern is cheaper than buying foundation paper and printing your own. All nine pages are exactly the same, but the pattern would be easy to copy on other foundations.

This pattern is a TON of work but I am excited to start looking for fabrics.

I drool over 'Bali Stars' but at this point in my life I can't see paying $50 + shipping for a pattern.

I think her patterns are expensive, but she is very talented (IMO0 lol!!!!!!


Here is a link that might be useful: JudyNeimeyer

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Rosa, I like Judy N's patterns, too, but haven't talked myself into paying the $$$ for one! LOL They probably don't give applique instructions because there are so many techniques for both hand and machine.

I would copy one of the 9 pages and keep it whole, just in case you're dying to make a second quilt! :)

I can't wait to see your fabric choices. Have fun!


PS - Sorry to hear about the PO problems.

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Rosa, I think you landed a pretty good deal! Will this be an ongoing project or will you whip right through it? lol You and LindaOh will be the queens of this pattern. I'm so glad I have no desire to make one of these. Course, I didn't think I wanted to make a twister, either....sigh.


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I ordered this pattern from Hancok's of Paducah a couple weeks ago. I have not received it yet.


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Donna that's what I plan to do, I bought kiddie art paper and it feel thinner than the pattern. It's only 3 different arcs.

Yep Sharon I'll whip right thu it lol!!!!! I think it will look great scrappy too with the melon the same fabric to tie it together. I don't think it will be difficult but it will be time consuming. I plan to hand applique 'cause my machine applique is the pits.

I also have the twister template from an older book. It's cute but I don't know what I would use it for lol!!!!

I got distracted by a Christmas tree that is made up of 8&1/2 scrappy blocks. The shape of the tree is 8&1/2 HST with a holly leaf appliqued on them. Really cute!!! I dug out all of my Christmas fabrics to see what I have.

easily distracted Rosa

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas tree

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Cute trees, Rosa. I like the idea of the holly leaf and also what looks like a stack of gift boxes for a tree. The only Christmas fabric I have fits in a shoe box so will need to get some this year. I've held off getting any for a few years because I had so much but, it's tiiiiiime!

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Oh, I like that tree quilt much better than the one I have! LOL Maybe it will go on my to do list.


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I thought it was really cute too!!! Any 8&1/2 block would work. I think I'll make one for me and my daughter at the same time. I have some blue splarkly Christmas fabric that was a pain to sew with but it made really cute pinwheel snowflakes!!

The border is 132 (2&1/2 x 2&1/2) HST's, I think flying geese would look cute too, but more trouble for me anyway.

Sharon I thought about you when I saw the heart blocks!! I need red Christmas fabric, maybe Joann will have good sales.

The one I am making now is mostly blue, what color snowflakes would you make with red fabrics?? Silver or gold??

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I posted a response and it doesn't show up!!! I am distracted by the Christmas tree quilt and the computer lol!!! I am not doing anything this week except write an article for the newspaper about the blood drive.

this week is all about QUILTING, ME ME ME ME lol

Mine was really slow coming too, I was beginning to think it might have been delivered to the wrong address!! We have about 3 different part time mail people, and even in our SMALL town I get other people's mail lol!!!

Please post what you think about the pattern and what color fabrics. I haven't decided yet, I would love a red!

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I think that I will go with the brightest batiks that I can find with a white on white background. I have been looking at different bali pops.


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Oh Jackie that sounds really pretty!!!! I am always drawn to white in quilts, I love the contrast it gives to most fabrics.

I like black too but I's so hard to work with.

This pattern looks like it will go fast if it is chain pieced. Now the applique is a different story lol!!!

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