Are you quilting this weekend? dec.10-11

lindaoh_gwDecember 10, 2011

I finished piecing the quilt top I am make for DS and DDIL for Christmas. This morning I started cutting out a quilt for DD & DSIL. I used a jelly roll and 3 charm packs plus yardage for the background and borders for DS's quilt. For DD's quilt I am using leftover fabrics from the DWR I made for them last year. I had to buy background fabric and add one more piece for their quilt.

I am using the same quilt block pattern but different settings so the quilts will look completely different. I will post pictures after I give them the quilts for Christmas.

Are you working on any Christmas projects this weekend?

Linda OH

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Yes! Yes! Yes! I am trying to add the binding to a 9PP quilt - it has become my Quilt of Dumb things! If I don't totally mess up machine stitching the binding down - or something happens to it in the wash - or the US Mail doesn't lose it--I will be amazed. I want it done & gone (and received in one clean piece).

I am also going to start quilting one of two wine themed quilts this weekend-if it kills me!!

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Yes....finished the Wonky Novelty Crumb top. Laid it on the floor and the flannel backing I bought fits perfectly! Only thing is, I haven't washed the flannel yet. The fabric in the top has been washed so don't think I'll use this piece of backing. I also have been sewing tumbler pieces together as leader and enders and finished a Square in a Square D9P top. Told DH I had an empty rung on the quilt rack I had to fill. *grin*


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I wish! Instead of quilting I'm getting the house ready for the big neighborhood Christmas party next weekend. Am I ready? Not even close!!! Is panic starting to set in? Absolutely!

While carrying a load of boxes in from the garage this morning I tripped and fell, scattering boxes of decorations everywhere and falling directly onto my new knee on the tile floor! I was terrified AND disgusted with myself. So I cried, of course. Jim helped me up and... I'm OK! No damage to the knee and no damage to the decorations. I'm a lucky woman. (But I still wish I was quilting today!)


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I am hand sewing Card Tricks 9" blocks this weekend. I have 70 quilt blocks made (started in 2009), now if I can just get the last 10 made I will consider it a great accomplishment. It seems like all these other projects keep bumping the Card Tricks blocks to the back burner. It is one of my favorite patterns to make though. These blocks are edged in forest green and then the cards are a floral print with white background and then a solid country blue. If I can get it hand quilted in 2012 then it will be my parents Christmas present next year. I am doing the blues and greens as I think my dad will like those colors and the floral print fabric is for my mom. I am done with Christmas shopping and wrapping gifts so the next week and a half will be time for me to get some quilting done, some me time. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!

Best to you,

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Kate, How scary! Sure am glad you and your new knee are ok. Time to slow down, lady. I hope some of the neighbors are helping for the big's only right!


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I'm pouting this weekend. Our chorus has been practising for 12 weeks for our holiday concert, which is tomorrow. I have such a cold and sore throat that every time I open my mouth to sing I start coughing and choking. This is the second time in three years that this has happened and I have had to be a spectator instead of a participant. Has anyone else noticed that the older you get, the more severe these stupid colds are?

I did get the tree decorated today, but I don't have enough energy left for baking any cookies. But I can sit and quilt, and that's just what I'm going to do. I'm quilting a table runner in a very simple pattern - good for a sick day project.

Oh, my wonderful husband just made me what he calls a "geriatric manhattan." One part whiskey, two parts sweet vermouth, sparkling water and a cherry with a touch of juice. Now that's quite a soother for a sore throat. It may impair my quilting, however. I hope everyone has a great weekend. And Kate, be careful of that knee.

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My machine is put away for the season to make way for the tree. But I'm working on cutting down scraps using the quiltville method. I promised DH I would not leave quilt fabric all over!

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Oh Kate - how scary - you deserve to have a good cry!
glad your knee is okay.
Sandra, I commend you on your ability to plan and stick to such a long term project. The card tricks block is a hard block for me - maybe sewing it by hand is the "trick"-lol
Love your choice for colors.
Lois, I agree, those cough and colds seem worse to me as I get older. Sorry you have to sit out a performance - not fair!
I got my quilted bound,labelled and washed, without mishap :). It is laying on the floor, as it is still damp. Hopefully I can get a picture tomorrow morning in the sunshine before hubby leaves for the football game.
That's 2 quilts finished and ready to be sent -both will be big surprises. I will be giving 8 quilts this year for presents - 2 more to finish. Clock is ticking!

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OOOh, I love Sandra's interpretation of the Card Trick block. It's also a hard one for me, but I love it.

Eight quilts out for Christmas? I can't even wrap my mind around that. I got one Christmas quilt out last year, and it now resides in England, planned that one so I could give it to the recipients, and not have to airmail it. ;-)

Year before last, I did two Christmas quilts for my g'kids.

This year I am working on two quilts concurrently, but neither to go out as gifts. Oh, how nice not to be dealing with that pressure. So, yeah........I'll be sewing off and on as I get a little spare time. Oh how wonderful to have a dedicated sewing room and not have to do it on my kitchen table anymore. LOL.

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Sandy, I cannot imagine making an entire quilt by hand! It must be very satisfying.

Lois, I've learned that the older I get the more I have to say 'no' and take care of myself. I don't want to be a burden to my family so work very hard to stay healthy, using paper towels instead of hand towels, staying away from people who cough/sneeze all over (and think it's ok to be out and about when they're sick) and use hand sanitizer on those shopping carts....always! Hope you feel better soon.

Karlene, What's wrong with having scraps where you can see them? lol

Marsha, After making 8 quilts for gifts, you'll be ready for some 'play' time. *grin*

Calliope, Isn't it great to have a designated sewing area where you can leave things set up? I don't think I'd be sewing so much if I didn't....even if it is in the back part of the living room. lol


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Kate, I'm so glad your knee is okay. Have fun with the party!

Lois, I'm so sorry! Our concerts are this weekend, too. I am in the orchestra, and I worked very hard to get over my crud so I could play! So far, so good...2 performances last night and 2 more tonight. I hope you feel better soon.

Yesterday I made pillows out of 2 small projects that have been hanging around a long time. Glad to have them out of my project box! My plan for today is to put together the backing & flannel (for batting) for my big living room quilt, but we'll see. It's already nearly 9 and I'm not ready to start sewing any time soon. I have Friday off so maybe I'll just take it easy today and start on the big quilt next weekend.


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The best well-laid plans.....

I was looking in my 'fabric closet' getting some fleece out, twisted to haul it up and it felt like a muscle went under my shoulder blade. Went out to the shop whimpering in a sideways bent over position for the Geezerman to push/beat it into submission. It helped least I can kind of stretch it a little bit now.....might put the heating pad on it. Probably won't be sewing today....sadness. @:(


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No quilting - but I am making a covered foam hearth cover for a friend that does daycare. Nothing fancy, just plain blue.
It certainly sounds like everyone else is busy - but BE CAREFUL!


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