Big birthday - I'm happily healthy at 75

joyfulguyJanuary 31, 2004

I should have written this yesterday, but ...

give me good wishes for the day, folks - yesterday (Friday Jan 30) was my 75th birthday.

At Senior Men's Coffee Break (I call it Old Farts' Club) at church that I attended as a lad (sang in choir before voice changed) on Thursday morning they brought out a cupcake each with one candle on it for another guy and me whose birthdays are in January.

Happy to be enjoying good health, with some interesting friends and things to do.

I hope that you are able to enjoy similar joys during a happy, healthy retirement.

Prior to a trip through the U.S. last fall, when buying med insurance, about 10 questions dealing with pre-existing med conditions, when I answered "No" to all, lady looked at me and said few clients over 70 could answer negatively to all. I said I was very thankful for that blessing, as well. Got an added benefit - 4 days (minimum) cost me $28. but one "Yes" answer would have cost me $52.

Travelled, with my son, about 1,600 mi. to spend Christmas (first in many years) with my brother, recently retired farmer on the Canadian Prairies.

Then another 400 miles or so to celebrate nephew's wedding in Edmonton, Alberta.

Gas tank sprang a leak just before trip started, bought replacement but unhappy as it was so rusty. My garage man said some bring gas tanks from AZ or Alberta, where there's less moisture, salt on roads - turned out the price was $300.+: I just about had a heart attack at that news. Son said we were going to Alberta - so could buy one while there.

Son complained about stopping 50 times for gas on 5,000 mi. trip. We took spare gas can, fearing unable find gas when needed in N MI, MN, ND, especially late at night: used can three or four times. Found a larger can by roadside in Saskatchewan.

In S. Manitoba on Monday morning after New Year, having spent night with friends, faithful little car started after about six seconds turning over slowly due to thick oil. Oil light stayed on, so shut it down after about 6 seconds. Let it sit a few seconds, started again, let run a few seconds. Light still on, shut it down after a few seconds. On about fourth start, engine tunrning over at regular speed when starting. Started about a dozen times before oil light went out. Thermometer was at -39 degrees, that morning.

We bought a tank in Edmonton ($50.), hauled it in place of honour in back seat, tried to replace tank at my brother's farm but couldn't. At garage back here, found tank wrong type, couldn't be altered adequately. I (jokingly) wondering if I should send it back to Edmonton - C.O.D.

Ain't life grand?

Have a wonderful year, all.

ole joyful

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Well, happy birthday! I see you all over all the forums, you do keep busy, don't you? And your screen-name says it all!
At 75 you are just growing up - I shall hit the Big 80 tomorrow, can't believe I am older than a young seventy though, will keep on to be keeping on, same to you

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Happy Birthday Joyful Guy - love reading your posts. Have a good one!!

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Happy Birthday, why not aim for 120? It's been done. Happy returns of yesterday!!!

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An old lady about 80, whom our family had known for many years, was my landlady for a few years after my ex- went on her own.

She was a really sweet old lady - paediatric nurse, had never married, took cookies, casserole, etc. to fmilies where there was illness, bereavement, etc. Everybody in the village loved here - but when she went out in her car, they got out of the way.

I was fortunate, for had it not been for her, I might have become quite bitter toward the female gender.

She died several years ago - had she lived another 4 months, she'd have made 105.

Wasn't enjoying life much in nursing home for some time toward the end, as she could scarcely either hear or see.

One of my best friends died a few days ago - having just arrived home after about a 5,000 mile trip. The family asked me to officiate at the funeral - yesterday.

I'm thankful that I continue to enjoy good health.

ole joyful

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Keep up your good spirits / Congrts again..You seem to be a blessing to a lot of people and we are glad to know you!!

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Happy Birthday from another senior--72--relocated from So Calif to ND.
Yes we do have gasoline in ND, but in most towns they do close down in the evening and do not open up until noon on Sunday. This state use to have a Sunday law for many years. We have just learned to be prepared.
Hope you can make it back to see the Lewis and Clark celebrations this next year or so.

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