Simple method to avoid possible broken bone

joyfulguyJanuary 14, 2004

Recently while listening to our national broadcaster, there was a discussion about projects to increase safety.

One of the members of the discussion said that we refer to aircraft crashes, but to "auto accidents' - though many auto accidents are the result of faulty maintenance, but more likely driver inattention, error, driving while drinking, overdriving one's lights' beam at night, etc.

That is - they are not accidents, but the logical result of operating machines and drivers at less than optimum levels.

One, a cardiologist, also said that many, especially seniors, are taking medications for hypertension. Also, quite a number need to visit the bathroom during the night. He said that such people should not get up immediately from bed to walk, but sit on the edge of the bed for 10 seconds to let their body adjust to the increase in activity.

He said that a number of people active in the cardiovascular field feel that running into something or falling due to dizziness could well be the result of getting out of bed and walking immediately after waking up.

He said that such experiences may well be the cause of broken bones among the elderly, resulting in major pain and disruption of one's life, even being a contributing factor to early death for some.

Not a pleasant experience.

Very easily forestalled, for quite a few - just sit on the edge of the bed and count to ten, slowly.

Now, what could be simpler than that?

Not that you have so many urgent things that need doing immediately that you just don't have the time.

Not quite a stitch in time saving nine - but a count to ten maybe avoiding the risk of suffering a broken bone.

Sounds like a simple plan to probably increase one's safety systems.

Good wishes for good health, good friends, and a measure of prosperity for the New Year. And the fulfillment of some of yor worthwhile dreams, plus the visioning and development of some new ones.

ole joyful

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Also check your type of Calicum you take. Some is better that others, and is asorbed into the system better.

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