Advice for hiding soffit

tedforseApril 2, 2013

We are starting our kitchen remodel next month and I have spent many hours on this site looking and gotten lots of helpful ideas. Just one more kink to work out before ordering cabinets and I am looking for suggestions for our issue.

The plan is to knock out the wall between our current kitchen and office to double the size of the kitchen. We would love to knock out the entire soffit but upon further inspection, we have several pipes running above the eat in kitchen and into some of the kitchen that are not able to be moved. I am including a design of our kitchen so that you can see how the soffit will look as is. I would love suggestions of how you would minimize the look of the soffit. (The drawing cuts off but the soffit will continue about 10 feet to the left, over the eat in kitchen). We have 8 foot ceilings and are using a combination of 36 and 30 inch cabinets with crown molding on top.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi. We ran into the same problem with our soffits. They housed both electrical and plumbing. Don't know if this will help with your situation or not, but we decided to make them look like part of the actual cupboard by painting them the same color, running them to the ceiling and including some detailed crown at the top. This picture was taken before we finished and before the doors went back on the cupboards, but it worked out really, really well.

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Here's another shot.

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You have a nice design, and the soffit is really only over the one cabinet. Also, is there a way to add trim to that cabinet?
If you are set on this design, I don't have any suggestions. But, if you want to camouflage the soffit, you can do tandem cabinets (up to the ceiling), with the ones over the soffit being just decorative.
It would be a whole other look and you would not get the variation in height that you have now.

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Irmaly, I love that! Makes me wish I had soffits :)

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Hmmmm, looks like a lotta folks, (maybe most) have come down with a really bad case of "SoffitItis", here in Garden Web.

I would probably have to look hard and long to find a
"positive post about a soffit.

Myself, I like them, we had them in the kitchen before we remodeled and we left them in , after the remodel.

I not only like the looks of them but also the "Functionality" of them.

I mean how many of you folks thinks it's a good idea for a 70 year old or his "slightly younger wife", to be up on a step latter trying to reach something that is 7 feet or so above the floor?????

In fact I have Swedish friend that fell off a ladder when He was 50 and broke his ankle!!!

To me this is "form over function" not that it matters, as I'm a Johnson and "I NEVER follow the Joneses"


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Irmaly, Thanks for the pictures-- very helpful! Our soffit will continue to the left which makes it difficult. After seeing your photo, I am wondering if we could stop the soffit for a foot so that we can frame in the portion over the cabinet like you did and then start the soffit again just over the eat in kitchen portion. It would allow us to add trim like you did which would really help.


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We live in an older home, and tried to update keeping the original character of the home in mind. We originally had planned to run crown molding along all the ceiling, but we liked the look of the crown on the re-worked soffits so much, we decided against crown all the way across. It's one of my husband's favorite parts of the kitchen and looks like it's always been there. I'll post a picture after this one of what we started with,

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Here's what we started with in the same area above. Note that we were able to open part of the soffit there in the top center and simply make it a shelf, breaking things up a bit. For the crown we actually used two pieces, on of top of the other, the second turned upside down. I actually got the idea somewhere here on this forum and spent some time on my knees in Lowes playing around with the design. Bottom line: we came up with a solution that works well for the house and for us, and an inexpensive one at that.

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We needed to keep our soffits intact. I love the above look, but our soffits overhang the cabinets by about 2.5". Due to that fact, I don't think we could do the crown trick.

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Love what you did with your soffits, irmaly! I "hid" my one soffit that couldn't come out (large pipes for the upstairs bathrooms were inside!) The contractor trimmed the soffit box considerably, but it's still there with an overhang. I'm happy with the result considering my options.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dusty's kitchen

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I guess I'm about the only one on GW that doesn't hate soffits. I think they can be beautiful if done right. I've always had stained wood cabinets, but this white kitchen with the green soffits is just about my favorite. If I had seen this before we built, I'm sure this is what I would have wanted. Your kitchen design reminded me of this one.

Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen on Houzz

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The Houzz kitchen is lovely, but it takes on a whole different look with those high ceilings. Even if we could have removed the section above the sink the visual break would have looked nice. Like Dusty, we had upstairs bath pipes, etc.

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Can you incorporate the continued soffit into a coffered ceiling effect?

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Sherrie Moore

I love what everyone here has done with soffits that they can't remove. I will be bookmarking this thread! We are starting our remodel in a couple of weeks and there are a couple of areas that we can't remove the soffits. So loving these ideas!

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