Ice problems

suggiJanuary 30, 2009

Didn't know where to post this but in MA we have had so much snow and then a terrible ice storm which turned into heavy rain and then the temps fell quickly and everything turned to ice. I have stone walls on both sides of my driveway and I keep putting out ice melt but it is not working because during the day (even though temps are around 30 degrees) there is a little melting on the end half of the driveway and I have water cascading down the stone walls from the snow on the grass. I am constantly putting out the ice melt but it keeps freezing over. Then at night it completely freezes.

I do not know what to do. I am afraid the mailman will fall or I will fall as I am 70 years old and have severe osteoporosis (10.9% below fracture level) and if I was warned by the doctor not to fall. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can keep on top of the ice problem as I have to come out the driveway door to get to my car. The upstairs front door is even worse as I can't control the ice on the steps either and I know I would fall on them. Is the ice melt not working because of the constant flow of water coming down the stone walls and covering it -- please someone tell me what to do. Right now I sprinkle the ice melt in front of me and walk along as I sprinkle but it still feels slippery and I am frightened......even more frightened if the mailman or someone else should fall so I keep going out.


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Sand and kitty litter will give you traction and give better footing.

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I'm in a very similar situation. I don't believe there's much you can do beyond what you are already doing. The sand and kitty litter will work only until the next wave of melt flows on top of it and freezes, encapsulating the sand and kitty litter below a fresh layer of ice.

Keep plugging away with the ice melt and pray for a couple of days with warm temperatures to melt the snow completetly.

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There are steel spikes on bands that are put on your
boots, which you can remove when you get into your car.
I'm not sure where you find these, but maybe sporting
goods stores have them for ice fishermen.

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Get some calcium chloride.

It works far better than sodium chloride, or mixtures.

The mixtures that have some calcium chloride (Driveway heat used to be one) work better than plain rock slat (sodium chloride).

the calcium chloride also does not damage wood, concrete, bricks, foliage, etc. nearly as much as sodium chloride.

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A friend bought some of the metal spikes for shoes off of a TV infomercial. They are not exactly the same as the link below but do the same thing. So i bgues there are a couple of different brands available.

brick (or anyone else): Any comments/info/feedback on the new "safe for pets" ice melt that's being sold in the big box stores?

Here is a link that might be useful: shoe claw

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