Are bedroom footboards out of style?

debbie1000June 12, 2014

We have a traditional metal headboard/footboard which sticks out about a foot in both directions.

We are finally redoing our bedroom and have been looking through houzz (of course at the fancy/$$$ bedrooms!!)

Very few have footboards (I'm looking at the contemporary ones).

Are they out of style? (I wouldn't mind, would make my room look less cluttered).

What's your opinion?

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If I didn't have a footboard I wouldn't have a place to put my clothes and my heavy blankets would fall on the floor. In or out, I'm keeping mine for practical purposes lol!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I'm not a fan of footboards mostly because they are shin-bangers and if the footboard is solid, it makes it very difficult to change the sheets. Plus they take up room. But then again, I'm a sucker for a canopy bed which, not necessarily but often, has a footboard too.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I much prefer a bed with them as to me it looks more finished. In small rooms they are unnecessarily cumbersome, however, and suited best for larger bedrooms.
There is something about a footboard that is important to me sleeping well. This is irrational, but I like having that solidness there, not just a mattress hanging out in space.

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I used to absolutely hate making my parents bed when I was a little girl because the stupid footboard beat my hands up. I swore then I would never have one of them. When my DH and I finally purchased a bed set after 20 yrs of marriage, we hung the headboard on the wall and stored the footboard in the basement. 15 years later that footboard made for a great fire before we moved.
I really like how bedding flows out from the end of the bed and my hands aren't bruised!

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We have a four poster bed and the footboard has never been an obstacle. Our bed is very traditional and would look odd without a footboard. However, for contemporary styles they are not necessary. Most of our beds are on Harvard frames and have just a headboard.

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Another not-fan of footboards. I like freedom of movement, i.e.: being able to sit on the end of a bed, made a bed easily, and not bang my toes when sleeping. I think they also really disrupt the flow of a bedroom, since beds tend to stick out into the middle of the room, which means you have basically a fence going across the center of the bedroom.

I really like low-profile bed frames. They look great, give the bed a finished look, but don't hinder making the bed or any of the above hindrances caused by footboards.

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I wouldn't worry about anything being out of style....if you like it, that's all that matters.

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They probably are on their way out. For all the reasons you stated. Looks cluttered, sticks out, etc. And for other reasons mentioned, shin banging and hand hurting.

I think either with or without a footboard has their place and looks good, but in my home, I prefer not smacking my legs which I seemed to do a lot when I had a footboard. For some reason, the frame sticks out farther on the sides on a footboard bed. On the other style, the frame sits on the floor, under the bed that is resting on it; out of my shins' reach. So it's not the footboard, but the side effect of the footboard.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Traditional furniture is classic, a style choice, and will never be out.

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Agree with Bumblebeez.

Plus, I see plenty of footboards in furniture stores.

Go with what you like.

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Funny, I've been looking at Houzz a lot for ideas for my guest room and I was thinking that most beds have footboards. It seems like sleigh beds are everywhere.

I have a bed that has the wood frame all around. I hate it. I have a permanent bruise from hitting my knee on the corner. The legs also flare out and get my toe every time. Hate that darn bed and if it had not been so expensive I'd get rid of it.

I'd never get anything but a headboard alone again.

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I need one, because if I'm leaning on the headboard to read the mattress slides out of place. Doesn't have to be a large one, just enough to hold the mattress.

It's a matter of taste and style

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If you are looking at contemporary style bedrooms, then you are likely to see fewer foot boards.

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Is a house a proper home without a cat and does a frame make a proper bed without a footboard. One must have a footboard. Otherwise, I would have to blame all my broken toes on clumsiness.

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dedtired, my bed is only on one of those metal frames you can't even see. No frame at all. Perfectly happy with it The other queen bed in my house does have a frame with both headboard and footboard (and side rails), and making it is a pain in the derriere.

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patricia! No home is proper without a cat, so I have two just to be on the safe side. I also have a footboard. Like Foxes, where else would I put my sweats that await me upon arising? Also, the cats would fall off the end of the bed if the footboard wasn't there.

If you want your bed(room) to look like a magazine when your friends peep in to ooh and aah, then don't have one.

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I thought treadmills were for hanging clothes.

IMO, no home is complete w/o a dog or dogs. Not sure "proper" is the right word vis-a-vis both cats and dogs. I mean, the kitty litter box completely rules out "proper", no? Excuse me while I go pee and poop in a box, then have you enjoy the dulcet tones of my scratching at the litter to cover up what I have just done, and then, just to make the experience complete, please remove your shoes and socks so you may luxuriate in walking in the kitty litter I have just traipsed all over MY house, all of which you may thank ME for!"

And dogs: "Did I shed/pee/scratch something of yours? I'm so sorry! Please don't hate me. I love you. I really do. I'll never do it again."

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I don't think foot boards are out of style at all. However, I find it much easier to make my bed without one and as a self-avowed klutz, my toes are safer without one.

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We never had a footboard until we got a new bed four years ago. We chose this one (darker finish) - The Blake, by Wesley Allen.

I absolutely adore it. No stubbed toes, easy to make in the morning.

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Using Houzz is a great resource to determine what you like, but remember if you are trying to figure out what is "in" or "out" the photos on Houzz are not what is coming down the pike, but rather what is already here. With that being said I'm seeing beds start to lean away from the tufted headboards and heading back to the four poster beds.

I've had a 4 poster for about 10 years or so now and the footboard part does not bother me at all.

My current obsession (although I'm not in love with this headboard):

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Holly- Kay

Indeed everyone has there own taste and their own opinion on a footboard or not. To me a bed without a footboard looks unfinished.

I adore my four poster bed and even though I am frequently klutzy I haven't once bumped a shin or stubbed a toe on my bed. Not once have I been attacked by the lion's head that stands guard.

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We love our sleigh bed with footboard. In our old house, the master was too small to accommodate the footboard comfortably so we took it off for a while, but I'm very happy to have it back these last couple of years. I think it makes the bed look more "finished" and I don't really care if it's out of style or not!

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