Help me pick a stool, and should I have knobs on uppers?

greenhavenApril 1, 2014

Okay, so you can see pics of my kitchen facelift in progress in the link below.

Cabs will be an off "white," walls a gentle tan, and the island a medium gray. A pic of the quartz I am having installed can be found there too, a very dark counter with shades of tan and gray on a nearly-black or slightly navy-ish base.

My island and backsplash will be beadboard painted the wall color or maybe the cabinet color. Either way the point is the same; softly traditional, a little farnhouse-ish.

I chose these pulls, smaller ones for cabinets doors, larger ones for drawers:

But I wonder if I should have knobs on the upper doors instead, and I love these:

What do you all think?

AND I need two counter-height stools for the island, and cannot decide.

My first choice is the one I love the absolute most. I love it for its texture of the rush seat and back and light feel. Not heavy or blocky or blocking what I hope will turn out to be a beautiful island. They are perfect, but are about twice what I want to pay for stools.

These are my second choice, again a non-overwhelming presence, a little bit of texture in the seat. These come in a natural finish, medium oak and a darker finish, too. I am going to be (eventually) restaining my table and chairs a rich dark color like Minwax English Oak. Price is a lot better on these:

My third choice is solid wood and a little blockier but the back is pretty low-profile and I love the form. It has that quality of being able to go a few different directions, style-wise, which is me in a nutshell. But no softness or texture, which I think my kitchen really needs, given it's muted palette:

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I would think knobs would be better on upper cabinet doors. That's what we did. I agree with your stools....I prefer them in the same order. But you do get a similar look with the 2nd ones while saving money....they are a lot more country/colonial looking in my option, whereas the first ones are sort of eclectic/casual. Will there by children sitting these often, or mostly adults? Your first choice does look the sturdiest.

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Thanks, amh615!

I am really feeling the knobs now, too, especially after getting the upper cabs on the walls today.

Thanks for weighing in, these are the details that will derail me. :o)

Here is a link that might be useful: My forgotten link to my other thread

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I generally prefer pulls everywhere, but those square knobs are fantastic! I think you should go for the mix.

As for stools, I really like the look of the first one, and feel the second options are fine, but nothing to write home about. But do you ever wear shorts in the summer? Rush seats are really uncomfortable if you do.

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Fan of knobs on uppers here, too. Other than for really modern, contemporary type kitchens but otherwise.

I wonder which of those stools are the most comfy cause groovy looking and painful to sit on = :(

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you two ladies bring up an excellent point, one I will have to consider carefully. I have an advantage in that these will only be for occasional use, but still...

I am open to suggestions, in appropriate price ranges, of course.

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The knobs vs pulls is one of those things that I find so individual--and it even varies depending upon what kind of cabinets you pick. I tend to like things very uniform but have often admired photos where there are lots of different sized pulls and knobs, etc. The ones you picked are really nice, with lots of pretty texture.

My favorite stools are the rush ones too. I would save up and get those! Even if you have to wait on the stools, I would buy your first choice. I think they are going to really make that kitchen beautiful. Tell your SO/husband that you'd like one stool for Mother's Day and one stool for your birthday!!

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Will the square knobs twists and be out of square all the time? That would bug me all the time. I like pulls all over.

On the stools, I like all of them. Can you sit on any of them prior to purchase?

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I like the knobs. I have knobs on my upper. They don't move.
I really like the first stool. Pottery Barn just had a 20% off coupon on one item that ended Sunday. If you can wait a bit, they seem to have furniture sales fairly frequently.

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Huh. My knobs are round and definitely twist some. Old cabinets and the knobs were new put on for resale I'm sure so maybe there's an install issue? But I think I remember someone bringing this issue up with oval knobs?

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Ah, apparently the twisting thing is real, but related to the quality of the knobs?

Here is a link that might be useful: Top knobs website page

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Another consideration, the twist factor.

Romy, ignorance is bliss? :0( Now I am sad I missed the sale. But I can hold on?

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I originally selected square knobs but our KD suggested that we go with round because they do move and he thought it best not to be constantly adjusting them. Since then, I have noticed that in the kitchens of my two friends that have square/oval knobs, the knobs do actually move around so they continually look out of alignment. I would not have considered this if my KD had not brought it to my attention.

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Sophie Wheeler

All pulls is more ergonomic and universal design friendly. For a more farmhouse vibe, but clean and modern, maybe look for more of a modified Windsor, in a fun color. The textured seats are horrible to clean, and uncomfortable to sit in.

Like this in spirit.

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hollysprings, those are AWEsome! Very, very cross-style! Where did you find them? maybe I do not want to know, they look expensive.

I saw some wicked cool mid-century modern ones at Dot and Bo (I think) but they might be too style-specific and most were pretty spendy.

I am definitely re-thinking the square knobs, it would make me nuts for them to be twisting all the time. What I might do is install ONE today and see how it works out. I could always fill the hole and do a pull or round knob if I hate it.

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I am not sure that installing one today will tell you what you need to know. I think they tend to loosen a bit over time.

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Good knobs don't turn. They have a little peg that holds them into the wood.

The knob you've chosen is so identifiable with Craftsman design. You've got beadboard, so stay true to the farmhouse style. I think your counter is going to read black, and it's such a good look to have black hardware on white cabinets with black counters. I like a round knob with that look.

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Okay, so I have not completely ruled out square knobs, but have a couple round knobs I like.

A couple questions first, though. I simply looove these knobs and backplates:

Craftsman Kitchen by Howard Lake Cabinets & Cabinetry Dura Supreme Cabinetry

I originally wanted to do a full craftsman style kitchen, but plans shifted a little as the project got underway. Would those exact pieces on my uppers look too out of place? Too style-specific? I would spend the dollars on that exact set-up (in black) for my uppers if I get reasonable feedback that they would work. I love the lines and details, the little bit of movement those curved sides lend.

I did, however, find a couple different options, a backplate and round knobs that would look alright with or without the backplate:

So I want to know "yea" or "nay" on the favorite setup?

If nay, which knob?

With or without the backplate? (Either backplate, I guess, although I would not put a round knob on that first backplate.

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may_flowers we cross-posted, and you pretty much answered my main questions about design cross-over.

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Greenhaven, the Pottery Barn Bennett stools are on sale.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bennett stools

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Romy, thanks! I saw that! I am still so uncertain, although when I went shopping in person yesterday I was appalled at the limited, unappealing choices and high prices. I will have to read through this whole thread again and either choose or rule out the Bennet while it is on sale.

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Holsag counter stools consistently receive 5 star ratings for construction quality, including the finish or paint job. If you search around, some online vendors include the full wide selection of stain and paint colors available from the company, as well as custom height selection, type of metal protectors on the chair rungs (i.e., brass vs. textured chrome), and choice of fabric cover on the seat or keep it wood. Surprisingly, their stools are very reasonably priced.
By the way, spend the money on backplates behind those knobs. They will go a long way toward protecting the paint from grime and water. I learned my lesson the hard way when I did not get them previously--never again.

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the pottery barn Isabella stool is slightly less spendy and may work. It has a rush seat and a modified ladder back, but not shaker styled. usually has a big selection, with options at all price points. The site allows you to search with price options and style/features etc. I am not so good posting links, but I ran a quick search and looks like they may have options for you.

In my area, craigslist is a huge source for great furniture. Or what about a second hand shop or a local auction house? We have been very successful with our local auction house. Here, second hand shops aren't as promising. So we have been known to cruise the neighborhood on bulk garbage nights looking for unloved furniture castaways....

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Anyone know where the chairs that holly posted is sourced? Maybe they have a counter height. I like a lot.

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