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queensinfoSeptember 7, 2011

My master bedroom in a house i recently purchased has 2 bedroom closets (approx 44") with a closet facing another bedroom in between (also ~44"). these closets are aroudn 30" deep. I am planning to combine all 3 into one long (11') closet. I am thinking of doing a 1 ft wall on each side with a 1 ' wall in the middle, which would leave 2- 4' openings. Is that going to work? I was also thinking about using 2' double french doors for each opening.

The next step will be to have a closet designed. Any good competitors to california closets in the NYC (Queens) area? I dont want anything too fancy. A couple of sets of double bars, shoe box shelves, and a wider shelf for 2 stacks of sweaters (maybe drawers instead of shelves).

Anything else i should consider?

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Do you really want to take the closet from the other bedroom? In doing so, the room is no longer a bedroom and it could affect the resale value of your home.

Can you connect the middle closet with one of the end closets, then open the 3rd closet to the 2nd BR?

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I forgot to mention that I am going to build an additional closet into the bedroom that is losing one (likley 28-30" deep and 48" long). this is an old house so the closets are not sized anywhere near todays standards. I thought of combining the two and turning the other one around but i wouldn't gain any space for a few thousand of effort.

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