Cabinets & table placement in small eat-in kitchen

shivers20April 2, 2013

Im trying to figure out the best layout for my kitchen. The room is 11 feet long by 9 feet wide, really small!!! I currently have all the cabinets and appliances along the backyard wall, its very congested and I am lacking storage space. The dining table is pushed up against the wall so Im not able to seat anyone on all four side. I was thinking of installing taller kitchen cabinets, bigger than your standard 30" height. Do you think it would make the room look even more congested than it already is? Should I hang a small chandelier or should I just do recessed lighting. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Have you thought about having 30" deep bases and countertops, along with 15 or 18" uppers. That could really expand your storage and worktop. Maybe add a rolling cart that could move out of your way after prep and cooking?

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Nine feet is a b**ch of a dimension to work with. I know because that's what I have, only I also have five doors and three windows - and the home-heating woodstove in my current 9' 6" kitchen. Oy!

Can you move one of the doors enough to allow an L-shaped cab layout along one short wall? That might make it possible to the other end of the kitchen for the table and kind of segregate the two functions from each other somewhat. A corner banquette table might work.

Hard-working counters across a aisle from the table will present some issues when diners, or kibitzers, are seated at table.

Another thing to think about is being open to deeper than normal counters (as suggested above) to add work and storage space. Somewhat more expensive than typical counters per running foot, but allows you to avoid having additional boxes made which mitigates the extra cost. .Another thing might be to consider doing some floor to ceiling pantry cabs that are less deep than counter-covered lowers, perhaps along the wall between the doors..

Or if you can create a L-shaped counter run, you could make one deeper to better fit in a fridge.

Where are your windows in this space and which if any are exterior walls (for ease of venting, and often because people like to put a sink under a window)?

Hope these ideas help your thinking along.


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Can you eliminate one door to allow for an L-shaped layout?

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what can you do with the doorways? eliminate one? "morph" them into one larger opening?close them both and create a new,different opening on a 9ft wall?

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