My soapstone counters are looking a little sad

ERacineApril 16, 2013

Does anyone have experience with dry wax who might be able to help me? We had soapstone counters (Beleza from Dorodo) installed last fall by Central New England Soapstone. I've oiled them over and over again, but they very quickly turn blotchy with some sections very dark and others light gray. I just want an even color without having to oil daily. When I run my hand over the surface, some areas are nice and evenly smooth while others have rough areas that look like low spots.

I'm thinking that maybe using wax would give me an even color longer and might fill in some of the roughness. I want an evenly smooth and evenly colored finish. Should I go to the dry wax? Anyone else ever faced this?

The stone itself is beautiful and it drives me crazy to see it like this.

Thanks ... Ernie

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Sophie Wheeler

Sounds like it needs rehoning with a lower grit diamond pad. When they use something other than the diamond polishing pads, they wear away the softer sections, while the harder sections remain raised. That's the bumpiness that you're experiencing. Nothing will "fill" it in. It needs to be sanded with the right tools to the right grit.

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Have you called the installer to ask? They have great reviews on Angie's list, if we went with soapstone I would have used them. If this has been from the start, maybe they'd come out and sand?

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Sounds like they need to be re-sanded. I'd give them a call. They put in my soapstone counters and did a great job. I can't imagine they wouldn't accommodate you.

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Thanks for the comments. Yes, it has been this way since day one. I knew nothing of what to expect and with CNE's great reputation I assumed that it just needed oil or wax to get the right finish. I'll try calling Dave Brushett at CNE.

I'll post the final resolution for the benefit of anyone else who happens into the same issue.

Thanks again.

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Once you get your counters in shape, check out the thread I've linked below from Joshua (of Joshua & Mimi fame :-) )

The pictures are gone :-( but the information is still there.

Here is a link that might be useful: What keeps soapstone darker longer. . .The answer! ! !

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I promised a follow-up and here it is. Thanks to all for the comments.

Dave Brushett of CNE was able to stop by after healing up from an accident that left him with broken ribs. It seems that much of what I was seeing has to do with the nature of the Beleza which has veins of differing hardness which accept oil differently. He suggested going over to Dorado Dry Wax which I have done with great satisfaction.

The differing texture is a combination of the variations in the stone itself and the sanding process used by CNE. If I understand Dave correctly you must break up the gloss finish that comes from the quarry or you end up with scratching and water ring problems. He uses a process that ends with a dry sanding. It leaves a no problem finish but feels a little rough in spots to me, so I did some minor sanding of the small areas that bothered me before applying the wax.

Bottom line: The counters look great. They have the wonderful darkened color we wanted while showing the green and gray colors that we loved when we picked out the slabs. Don't waste your time with mineral oil on Beleza soapstone - either leave it natural or use the wax and save yourself a lot of heartburn.

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