Floating shelf installtion

eleenaApril 7, 2013

I read every thread I could find here about floating shelves as well as Gooled them and I am still confused about the installation. I even asked the guys who installed the kitchen and they were not sure either.

I know that such are attached to the studs. I have seen some pix taken in kitchens gutted to studs so the studs were exposed.

Does it mean that in order to install a "floating" shelf (so the brackets are invisible), I need to open the wall?

Also, if the shelves will have a wall one side and a tall cabinet on the other side, is there a way to attache them without opening the wall?


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You don't need to open the drywall. Just use a stud-finder(or knock) until you find where the studs are located. Then drill a pilot hole, put in a wall anchor and attach the bracket with screws. Our shelves needed 3screws for each bracket. The shelves go on the bracket and there is usually a small screw underneath to hold them in place.

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We had a floating shelf installed over our buffet. It's a solid slab of black walnut, so we needed to make sure it was securely hung on the wall. DH and a contractor friend drove lag bolts into some of the studs, and then cut the heads off the bolts. They used a drill press to drill holes along one edge of the shelf (just slightly larger than the diameter of the lag bolts so they could slide the shelf onto them--about 1/16"-1/8" larger). Then they slid the shelf onto the headless lag bolts. The shelf isn't going anywhere (until we ever have to move, and then the bolts will be cut flush with the wall, and the wall will be spackled-over, and done).

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