Are you quilting this weekend? Dec. 17-18

lindaoh_gwDecember 17, 2011

I am working on DD's Christmas quilt. I hope to finish the top today so I can start loading it on the frame to quilt this week. I may have to make a quick trip to the store for a larger batting.

Is anyone else furiously working to finish Christmas projects?

Linda OH

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I'm not furiously working but I should be putting forth much more effort than I am........sigh.


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Me-Me-Me!!! I am right with ya! Furiously is the perfect word. I am taking a break from putting the binding on the 'her' of a his & her pair of quilts. Similar, but different, both 9Patch Pizazz using a wine themed group of different fabrics, but the same backing. I hope to load the 'his' today and decide on the quilting -- and I may need more batting!!! I had forgotten that! Need to check that now!

I am also on my 4th quilt to wash - why do I wait until the last minute??? It is cold in my house, so they are slow to dry, as I take them out of the dryer a little damp.

2 Quilts were mailed this week and I just found out the boxes were received yesterday.

I want/need to start a new project - if it weren't for Christmas, I would not be disciplined enough not to!
I laid out the fabric and prewashed and even picked the thread to quilt it! Sometimes I need to be saved from myself :)

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Me too!!

I decided to make a quilt for DS's GF on the 5th, since she is coming to stay with us for the holiday. I searched my stash, and decided on a pattern on the 6th. DS came home that evening and shot that plan all to hell, LOL. He said she loves batiks, and that her room was painted pale turquoise.

Well, heck, I had 5 yards of a turquoise/teal/blue/purplish batik, and 2 yards of THIS YEAR'S COLOR - tangerine tango, LOL. Well, it's more a cantaloupe melon/red/yellow batik. Top is done, quilting is done.

I hate binding, but I'm doing it.

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I've too many UFOs and not enough time to add any Christmas projects, so I'm not furiuosly doing! With all of those UFOs I need to work on, would you believe I'm considering another project though? I'd like to do something with big blocks, maybe 24"x24", and finish it just so I'll be able to say I've gotten something finished. Yep! I'm going for that positive psychological feeling! If I don't finish it this weekend, that'll be okay. I've got 3 days off for Christmas, my parents will be visiting my younger sister in Minnesota, my roommate is cooking an Italian Christmas dinner, so I've got 3 blissful days all to myself to do what I want. Now, that's a Christmas miracle!

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I finished a walker bag for my M-I-L from a Simplicity pattern. Is it ever foreign to use scissors to cut and a 5/8" seam to sew it together! I still have to make an apron for DD but it is hard to do since she is always around and stays up late. I guess I will just have to go to bed early and get up early one morning and make it. She saw the pattern at a quilt shop last summer and fell in love with it. I am making it in cupcake fabric because she loves baking and cupcakes have been her choice of late.

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Yes I have been quilting, but for my own pleasure and relaxation. I promised myself no quilting for Christmas and the only gift I am working on is a sock monkey for my almost 2-y-old g'son. I still have one ear to attach.....started it this afternoon. Other than making candy and getting my cards finally done and in the post, I haven't even addressed anything else Christmassy. I'm not being a grinch.........I have just had nearly a quarter of a century of a Christmas-related career and wondered what a no-deadline holiday would feel like and this year, I'm going to find out.

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I started a tree skirt for my DD yesterday, got the top finished today, will try and finish the machine applique tomorrow, and sandwich. If I am lucky I may even get quilted but Sundays are usually pretty busy.
As far a Christmas---have lots to do yet.

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I finished the clipping a rag quilt for my son last night. Gonna wash it today and hopefully not choke to death on the "fluff" that escapes when it comes out of the dryer. THAT is the end of my Christmas quilting/sewing. Now I can focus on getting presents wrapped, grocery shopping, baking/cooking done, meals planned and prepped, house cleaned, and then then then....start on my DGD quilt for her new bed. My LQS is having a 40% off sale and went yesterday to get fabric for said quilt. Scored BIG. Found it all in one place and at a great price. What more can a quilter ask for????

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All I can say is, all of you who commit to deadlines are the bravest of brave! But this is coming from someone who won't even tell anyone that a gift is in the works. They find out when the package arrives. I used to do this years ago, make a commitment for a gift and even announce it beforehand, then just about kill myself, working into the wee hours and then having to go to work the next morning, no way, no more! I have one on the sewing machine right now that I started last year for an Aunt, then I got wounded in a car crash, then when I started it up again I made a terrible boo-boo that required hours of stitch-picking. The only thing that bothers me is that by the time I finish it will be warm weather again, and oh, yeah, I would REALLY love to start a different project but stacks of UFO's aren't my thing, either.

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I'm getting some quilting in. I had Friday off and finally got my living room quilt on the frame. I'm about 1/3 through the quilting! I never thought it would go this fast.

So, that's pretty good, considering we headed out at 4 pm yesterday (after having a very late lunch or very early dinner I started cooking at 3) to play handbells at Disney and didn't arrive home till 10 pm, and today we have church in the morning and a party this evening. So probably no sewing today (or not much).


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