When is it too late to change my mind?

Holly- KayApril 3, 2013

When DH and I went granite shopping I saw slab after slab of, to my eye, ugly granite. There was a Netuno Bordeaux that kept catching my eye but it was so green that I passed it by. I saw a slab of Autumn Harmony and I like it but it was a very contained pattern. It has beautiful overall wheat color with some brown and a bit of black with an occassional spot of a gorgeous coral. It looks great with my floor choice (Chestnut Sapele) and my soon to be cabs (maple with a wheat stain and chocolate glaze). I liked it a lot. The Netuno Bordeaux kept enticing me so I finally stopped and looked at it. The movement in that granite was gorgeous. I loved the cream and chocolate in it and the green was gorgeous. So I decided I would go with that, but to my dismay, it was sold. They called later and said they may have enough to do our kitchen with the remainder of the slabs but didn't know til they actually did the fabricating. They couldn't give me a sample of it but I took a sample of the Autumn Harmony. I had the sample with my counter sample and I liked it more each day so I finally decided on the Autumn Harmony. Then tonight I saw a counter, here on GW, that was installed that looks so much like the Netuno Bordeaux but with a lot less green. I have fallen in love with it. The movement is gorgeous and just makes my choice look ordinary. Do you think it would be too late for me to change my mind and ask to see some different granites?

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It doesn't sound like you actually put a slab on hold. Even then you could still change it. Unless you have a slab picked out the is already being cut then you are open ti select something else. At least that is how it works here.

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Holly- Kay

Thank you teacher. No there isn't one on hold because they have a lot of slabs in the autumn harmony. I would love to have mostly cream as the background with a lot of movement. The granite salesperson said the typhoon Bordeaux didn't go well with my cabinets so maybe we can go to a different yard and find another type
Thanks for your help!

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It's too big of a purchase, too permanent and too prominent to settle for something you don't love. I didn't pick our granite (it was installed by a prior owner) but fell in love with it when we saw the house. I also have a granite top table for our patio that I liked but didn't love when I bought it. Every time I look at the table I think "I'm not crazy about that granite." But I don't see it every day multiple times because it's on the patio. I sure wouldn't want to think that in my kitchen!

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Go for it! It certainly can't hurt ask. Unless they've started to cut, there shouldn't be a problem.

Which kitchen here did you see that changed your mind?

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Sure you can change, but you also have to find a slab of the material that you like the movement and colors of when you layout your surface shapes on it yourself.
This is more likely to be something good looking then using the remnants. Someone already laid their counters out on those slabs to take advantage of the best parts of those slabs. What is left over has had the good parts cut out.

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Holly- Kay

Dan, I agree. I said no to that suggestion. I adored the creams and browns in it. I also loved the green but there was too much green in the Netuno.

Snookums the kitchen I saw was the typhoon Bordeaux green. I think the title said sneak peek typhoon Bordeaux green in.

I need to stay with this fabricator because it is who my kd uses but if I can't find what I like there maybe they can send me elsewhere to get the general feel for the colors I want and go from there.

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Hi! First, thanks for loving on my new countertops. I absolutely adore them and don't even think the photos do it justice because you can't appreciate the colors or the movement fully unless you're standing here.

Anyway, hopefully my experience may help you because I say definitively SWITCH to the stone you loved.

I looked for - no exaggeration - one full year for the perfect Juparana Bordeaux or Crema Bordeaux. I wanted the Bordeaux coloring with the variation of the darker colors and movement of veins. I looked at 5 different fabricators and 6 stone distributors all over the state of MD. I finally found one the week before I needed to pick it and sort of decided to settle on it. It didn't have the movement I liked but the color composition was better than most I had seen.

And then I saw that Typhoon Bordeaux Green two rows over.

And that was that. All that time I invested in the other stone I threw in the figurative trash and switched to the typhoon because I could imagine the island with that movement and color and knew it would be something I would love to look at every single day.

Go back to the granite you love. It's easiest if they will locate it for you, but your fabricator should be able to give you a list of stone distributors from which they get (or can get) slabs. Ask for that list and then call them and ask if they have the Netuno and if you can come see it. The fabricator can then have that brought to them to cut for you.

Of the zillion decisions I've made of our house reno, switching granites one week before drop-dead-decision day is the one for which I thank my lucky stars.

For some of us, it's like a wedding dress... Say yes to the Netuno Bordeaux!

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Holly- Kay

Akcorcoran, thank you so much for understanding my plight. I really like the Autumn Harmony although everything that I see on-line in that variety is gruesome looking. The granite fabricator has some Typhoon Bordeaux but I believe it is totally different in coloration from yours. I am calling my fabricator and telling them I want to come in one more time to view what they have in stock and I will do as you suggest and ask for a list of stone yards that I can go to! I am hoping that one of the yards that he purchases from will have what I am looking for. Your TB is the most gorgeous granite I have ever seen and I understand being nervous about all that movement. I thought I wanted a contained field until I saw the Netuno!

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Holly- Kay

akcocoran, I called my KD and he said it is not at all too late to make a change. I am going back down today and if I don't find anything he will arrange for another stone yard to go to! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the support!

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Holly- Kay

Akcorcoran, I went to the granite yard today and the Netuno Bordeaudx (beautiful but too much green) was waiting to be cut for the customer who the three slabs were reserved for. Loved the colors and the movement but the green was too pronounced. Then onto several others including a Typhoon Bordeaux that was pretty but without the WOW factor. About four rows down on the opposite side of the warehouse I spotted it. Beautiful movement and gorgeous colors, I said "Ohhhh , I love that" My granite saleswoman said that is "Typhoon Bordeaux also". I was really surprised at how different the two lots of granite were. The first was very pretty and had a lot of micah in it but it wasn't anything I would have wanted. I fell in love with the second lot and that is what I am going with. It has a good bit of the bordeaux coloring in it and there was much more contrast with my cabs than what I saw a few rows away. It has just enough movement for me. I feel that a huge weight is off my shoulders now and I can concentrate on the hardware selection and the finish on my Waterstone faucet!!!

BTW your paint color looks like the BM Casabella color I had chosen for our walls to go with the Autumn Harmony. Now I am back to the drawing board for colors but I am going to wait until everything is installed before I even start to look.

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