An idea for saving ideas: 'Clippings'

bee0hioDecember 18, 2011

Do any of you quilters save posts in the "Clippings" feature?

Inspired by Geezerfolks' "D9P" post/picture, which then sent me on the quest of looking for the Camp Cheerio quilt she referenced, I decided that I needed to save BOTH of these ideas for future reference.

I will often see someone's quilt on here & would like to make it in the "future". Then I forget where I saw it, or the name, or the poster or when, etc. Sooooo if I make a "Clipping" I can easily check thru to find saved ideas.

P.S. The Clipping feature (if you're not familiar) is just to the right of the "Subject" on each post. I have saved recipes or tips @ other GW forums to Clippings but hadn't thought of doing this for Quilting Forum.

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what a great idea. Didn't know it was there. Thanks.

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Thanks! I have never used it either. I sometimes make a printout of the pictures and stick it in a folder in my sewing room where I keep quilt info. I used to keep it in my documents files, but have lost too many puters (and info) over the years, so got to make hard copies or at least backups of them.

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I've used GW clippings alot, but be aware - if there are any changes to the pictures by the poster later -like rearranging or deleting pics in their photobucket or other picture hosting acct, the info or photo will not appear in your clippings. Happens alot! So if it is something you really care about, save it in a more permanent place also.

I learned the hard way.

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That's an important point, Magothyrivergirl. Thanks! So I guess I ought to also print a picture, just in case. But the clippings that are without pics, say a particular tip or technique, whatever... it would be a handy place for "keepers". BTW, it doesn't "clip" the whole tread, just the *one* post in that thread that you "clip". So any follow-up posts that you like,,, you have to clip each one individually.

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I used it so much I reached my limit and had to delete some in order to save new ones. It's limited but it's a great feature.

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